Kayak Utility Pole – 5/21/2013

In preparation for the MR340 race, I wanted to get my boat setup for optimal comfort. One thing that was important to me was being able to ready my GPS at all times. This would help me pace myself and know generally where I was. My kayak, a Hobie Adventure is a multipurpose vessel. One of the options it has is a sailing kit. I don’t have that option and sailing is not legal for the race. I did use the mast hole to mount my “Kayak Utility Pole”. This is basically a dowel rod with two smaller dowel rods going through it. It looks somewhat similar to a utility pole on the street.

I was pre measuring how tall I wanted it to stick up.

With the two smaller dowel rods through the main.

I placed a notch on the top. I”ll use rubber bands to fix the GPS and Spot Tracker to this pole and another couple of rubber bands from the top to a spot on the boat. If it tips over, everything should still be there.

Finally I added a bit of stain to make it look nice and handle the water better.


Hogan Haake