Kansas City – 6/30/2018

We went to Kansas City to visit my parents. We don’t seem to get in town enough these days and the kids miss their grandparents. We noticed that things are normal and not much has changed. Henry’s Mustang hasn’t changed much…

Normally we hang out around the house and eventually head back to St. Louis, but this trip, we had something different planned. My mom wanted to take us to the Johnson County Museum of History. For many that may sound boring, but it was just the opposite!

Growing up in Johnson County, Kansas, the history was relevant and interesting to me. Many places I remember from growing up were mentioned at the museum. Additionally, the museum used to be a combination bowling alley/ice rink. It was fun seeing it used again for another purpose instead of sitting empty!

Corvin and Sonora had a blast playing dress up in the kids area!

You could go in the full size house in the background. It was an all electric house of the future. It was lived in before it was moved into the museum.

This motel is no longer in business, but its “famous” sign is kept for all to see!

Dad singing a song of his youth!

On the way home from KC, we stopped and hiked a bit of the Katy trail. The goal was to get to this bridge over I-70 near Boonville, MO before going back. It was a fun hike and a nice break from driving!

Hogan Haake