July – 2012

All of the things that just didn’t have enough oomph for their own album, but deserve some recognition…

One of the kids favorite people is Erin Fee. She watched the kids before they were old enough for school. In fact, Danelle and I have never had a single occasion to say or think anything unfavorable of her. She’s pregnant and the kids wanted to visit her on a random day. Erin is always happy to see kids she has watched in the past and we miss her!

We also got to have lunch with Steve, Jackie, and Nathan (My Baby). Its funny that Steve moved 11 miles away and I hardly see him anymore. Now we make the excuse of seeing him and getting a meal at the Global Quesadilla company.

Danelle is painting for a hobby now. Here are two of her works.

And finally, with us visiting David [Holly’s baby], Danelle wanted to make a baby blanket for him. So she made the fastest jeans quilt I have ever seen her make. It turned out very nice and I’m sure it’ll keep him warm.