January Sunset Paddle – 1/9/2013

I look forward to every Sunset Race (second Thursday of every month). This month promised to be special as well. I was meeting a good friend from college, Scott Richter. We hadn’t seen each other since his wedding, and before that, years. Scott was early as I always remember him. More than anything, I remembered him to be a guy that would do anything for the sake of adventure. Today proved that to be true again. A nice cold January paddle and Scott was all in! The usual gang including Jo Jo, Joe, and Joey were there to join us. Too bad my name isn’t Joe as well.

Scott and I paddled and caught up on life. The weather for this paddle was amazing. The fog was out just enough to keep it mysterious, but light enough to see clearly.

Come out and join us some time for an amazing paddle and good friends!


Hogan Haake