January 2014

Another cold winter month came and went. I took the kids to Kansas City for the weekend at my parents. My old Boy Scout Troop had a celebration for having 100 Eagle Scouts. I came in town specifically for that party. While I was there, my brothers took me to a new pizza place called “Pie Five”. The deal is that you come in and each person orders their own custom pizza that is cooked in 5 minutes in front of you. It was an interesting concept, but took about 10 minutes to go through the line with little waiting. The pizza was okay, but nothing that compelled me to need to go back. 

I did a few projects for my parents that had me at the hardware store. At the checkout, I did my famous try to crash the cash register by providing a large signature. It didn’t work, but I have proof of my attempt. So far, I’ve crashed 2 cash registers with this method.

1. Shop and Save2. Microcenter

Finally, the drama for the month was coming home from KC. There was a large winter storm that went through St. Louis. As I prepared to leave, the roads were clear in KC. Danelle practically begged me not to come home, but I wasn’t having it. The roads were fine in KC, I had tons of extra clothes in the van to keep the kids and I warm. We could also stop at any time and get a hotel for the night if the conditions got bad enough. The roads were 95% clear of snow until I got across the I-70 bridge in St. Charles where they became 100% snow covered. At that point, I dropped my speed down significantly and finished the drive home. From Danelle’s perspective, I was crazy to drive, but from mine, the roads were nearly perfect. I’ll show you Danelle’s photos and you can decide how crazy I am…





Hogan Haake