Honors Friends – 11/26/2014

Our friend from college, Josh was in town with his wife, Jen, and their kids around Thanksgiving.  They live in Virginia, but Josh grew up in St. Louis.  He and Danelle were in the Honors College crew who went to London for a semester and then meandered around Europe for a couple of months.  Another Honors College friend, Mark, brought his girlfriend Jung.  She passed the test – that is a Blues hockey teddy bear she is holding!




As a blast from the past, Mark even wore his sweatshirt from Gamma Pi Alpha (GPA), our honors fraternity.  Weren’t we a clever bunch!  We couldn’t believe that:

1. He still has the sweatshirt.

2. It still fits.

3. It looks brand new!!


We spent a good deal of time playing with Chromecast.  We took turns with Google Maps on Hogan’s phone linked to the TV, showing each other fun places we’ve lived or done research and looking into the places we are planning to visit next.

Danelle Haake