George Winter With Sonora – 10/3/2016

I decided to go out after work with Sonora and have a daddy daughter day. I thought we would go paddling and catch dinner at Meramec Marina. I knew that Sonora wouldn’t paddle hard, so it was important to start very near the marina.

I understand its expensive to operate a park, but I was not used to/disappointment to have to pay $5 to the iron ranger to use the ramp. It didn’t take long for us to park and unload.

We paddled over to Meramec Marina, but they were closed. We still went around the whole marine for the scenery. I was having so much fun paddling (and mostly the only one paddling) that I didn’t get any photos out on the water.

Sonora wanted dinner, but I convincedher to stay out a bit longer so I could enjoy the water a bit more. But eventually, all good things come to an end.

Making faces at Sonora

Hogan Haake