Front Porch – 10/3/2023

We love our large front porch on our house. Its mostly covered and out of the elements, but the stairs are not. They are 18 years old at this point. We’ve painted them a few times, but some of the steps just needed to be replaced. A little maintenance goes a long way. We started at Lowe’s and used the boat rack to haul the new lumber back home.

This was going to be a the most challenging replacement we had done to date. The step that rotted was the one that the railing was attached to. This meant it all had to come apart. See the footprint of what the railing was holding on to…

And of course, being in the elements, some of the screws just rust apart. So taking off the rotten ones takes time as I need to dig out the posts and turn them manually with vice grips.

Lucky for me, I’m blessed that Danelle and I work well together. Many times, these jobs are easier with another hand to help out. Okay, she’s working and I’m goofing around. Just the same, my favorite partner!

After all of the parts were re-installed, we re-painted the steps to ensure that we get many more years of use out of them before we have to repeat the maintenance cycle. I’ll say it over and over again how lucky I am to have Danelle to work on these projects with!

Hogan Haake