Fort Belle Fontaine Hike – 2/25/2023

We took Coty out to hike at Fort Belle Fontaine. Its a hike we’ve done before and enjoyed a lot. It started out a bit brisk, but warmed up as we went along. We started off from the car and just started hiking. We were all in good spirits.

It didn’t take long before we go to the first ruin to explore.

It stinks that they are in ruins, but it makes the hike exciting to see and explore each of these old buildings.  When we weren’t on the trail, we were looking at the tunnels under the road.

Its big and seems to be holding up well to the elements.

Perfect to walk under.

I’m the troll under the bridge looking for the hand of a sweet lady. We walked a little longer, then we all got sick…

It didn’t take long before we felt better and continued on our way. Coty took some time to explore while Danelle and I stayed back for photos.

We stopped at the giant fire place, but there was no sign of a recent fire.

We walked through the old bath houses.

Eventually, Coty stopped and sang two songs on what looked like a stage in front of the bath house. You can watch them in the video below if you’re interested.

And the centerpiece of this hike are the large stairs that go from the fort down to the Missouri river. We had a great time going up the stairs and pretending to be the non-working fountains there.

We had a wonderful hike and enjoyed time outside in a very cool park.

Hogan Haake