Flat Tire – 4/30/2023

I signed up for the Tour de Donut with Corvin for the third year in a row. This year, we were both going to be bicycling the race. I figured it would be best if I got some training in so I could finish the ride and not be in pain. Its been many years since I went out on this bike but I dutifully pumped up the tires and took off. I got nearly 3.4 miles away from the house when my front tire went flat.

I remembered my past experience and took the tire off and began the process of patching the tire. However, it turns out that I have some very old equipment. The rubber hardened and created the puncture. My best bet was to patch the tube as best as I could and walk the bike home.

I ordered new tubes and found out that my rear spoke was also broken. So I would be a bit delayed in my training.

Hogan Haake