February – 2013

What a busy fun month! Lets look back at some of the memories.

I remember picking up the kids from school one night and Sonora was especially sad. I had some shopping I wanted to do and asked her to come along with me. I figured some one on one time with her would help cheer her up. We ended up doing some retail therapy (you can tell I work with lots of women). She tried on a few dresses and finally found one she liked.

Super Bowl came and went, and I overdid it on pizza…

Ryan interviewed for a job at Lord and Taylor

I broke out my Lego train set and the kids had a blast taking turns crashing and breaking it. I’m pretty sure there are less pieces in the set nowFrown

We got to babysit Mark and had a fantastic time!

Finally, Corvin and the neighbor kid were caught reading books with one of our cats.


Hogan Haake