Farm Time – 12/2/2012

My wife’s parents have had a family farm for many years. They call it a farm, but its really just land out in the country. They don’t grow any crops… They don’t get out to their property much anymore. The two hour drive is the major obstacle. We know that Danelle’s dad, Henry, really loves it. He spent some of the best days of his life out there on the property.

As a surprise to Corvin, we brought our .22 riffle for him to shoot with on the property. I spent a ton of time with him on gun safety and was very close to ensure there were no accidents or close calls. I expected him to run through all of the rounds, but he shot about 35 times before he had enough. Of course, Danelle had to show off, shooting a few rounds and being nearly perfect each shot, so we sent her on her own way.

While were on our own property, it was hunting season, so we all wore the most obnoxious orange we had available to be seen!

Later, the kids and I took turns sending the head of the axe deep into a log on the ground. The kids thought they were awesome each time they got it to stick!

Henry did get something accomplished while he was at the farm. He has been wanting to bring back small cedar poles for use in his garden at home. Since we had my van, we loaded it up with all manner of cedar poles that we pulled out of the forest. I’m looking forward to seeing how he uses them this summer in his garden!