Family Vacation Part 8 – 7/10/2012

We woke up and spent this day driving across the plains of Texas. Our destination was Amarillo. I had heard that it has the second largest canyon system in the United States behind the Grand Canyon. Driving from Austin to Amarillo is quite the haul. With kids that don’t want to be locked up on a car, this makes for a long drive. Most of the photos from today were taken as a joke. With my parents van breaking down two years in a row during  vacation, we swore we would take photos of every repair shop we could find and make an album for my parents of the places they visited on their vacation. We took the pictures, but never got around to making the album for my parents…

What most amazed us about the Texas plains was the quantity of wind farms. There were thousands of wind turbines.

On an interesting side note, we followed the GPS from our phone a little too closely. It would occasionally take us down a business route where we should have just followed the signs which pointed to the GPS being correct, but not the best choice. However, this was one detour that ended up being great.

I was driving around 60 mph down the highway when I saw something that caught my eye on the road. I immediately knew what it was and gently moved the car to miss it. I started applying the breaks so I could turn around and get a closer look. Danelle asked what was wrong and I told her to just hold on so I could show her something. With no other cars around us, I pulled a u-turn and went back the way we came. I found what I was looking for and pulled off the road. With the camera in hand, Danelle and Sonora came with me. Corvin was uninterested even when I told him that there was a big tarantula in the middle of the road. Danelle was quite surprised that I could see it as fast as I was driving, but it seemed plain as day to me.