Family Vacation Part 10 – 7/12/2012

The last day of our vacation this year. Danelle and I were discussing that this vacation feels like it has been a flop. We have done the things we came to do [Leslie’s wedding], but there wasn’t a bang that seemed to make it all worthwhile. Of course, I can look back at almost every day and see memories that we’ll never forget, but its hard to remember that wen the kids just keep complaining.

Danelle and I made a decision that we hoped would make the kids happy. When we got to Springfield, Missouri, we stopped for lunch. Since we both went to college in Springfield and I was there recently for my masters degree, we knew a bit about the the city.

So we took the kids to the local Incredible Pizza Company. As we pulled up, there was a person dressed as a slice of pizza at the end of the parking lot. I parked near him and we went out to talk to the pizza guy. As it turns out, being friendly has its benefits. The pizza guy gave us cupons for discounted entry!

We had a nice pizza lunch and then played two games of laser tag and had an amazing family time bonding. It was just the thing to end our vacation on a high point!