Family Trip to Waterfall – 10/18/2015


We purchased a few acres of land on the Big River in Hillsdale, MO a few days ago. This is our first family trip out to our property, Waterfall, since our purchase. We walked around to check it out as owners. We got a few snaps near the water.

IMG_20151018_170951 IMG_20151018_170930


It didn’t take Danelle long to identify honeysuckle. She and Sonora started cutting it up while Corvin and I burned it in our barrel. It was a good time!

IMG_20151018_181831 IMG_20151018_172628

And on our way out, we made a stop and the friendly gas station for a bathroom break… Look at their Halloween decoration.


We’re gonna fit in just perfectly!

Hogan Haake