Family Campout – 10/5/2012

We agreed to do a family camp out in the fall. About two years before that was the last family camp out and it was quite a success. Since the St. Louis Haakes were joining this year, we decided to pick somewhere in the middle of Missouri. We ended up choosing Graham Cave state park. I had camped there about a year previous and found it suitable for our needs.

We started arriving around 7 pm on Friday night. The Stl Haakes arrived about 15 minutes before Tom and Kathy. We started setting up, and then switched to helping Tom back in his massive camper in the dark. By the time Tom was mostly set up, the KC Haakes (my parents) showed up. Instead of setting up their tent in the dark, they were offered a spot in our pop up camper, or Tom’s massive camper. They chose a spot in Tom’s camper and ended up staying there both nights due to the comfort and heat available.

Saturday was a slow wonderful camping day. We cooked a late breakfast and then went for a hike to see the cave. It was a short walk perfect for nearly all family members.

We had Tom’s two dogs and my parents dog to “guard” the campsite. Of course, no camping trip would be complete without a HUGE campfire and  burning all the wood.

Hopefully we’ll camp as a family again very soon!