End of Winter Break – 1/22/2023

Unfortunately for us, winter break was over. That means that Corvin has to go back to school. We were enjoying having him home again. Danelle and I would drive him back and get a hotel, then finish coming back the next day while Sonora and Coty stayed back at the house by themselves.

We planned a longer drive than normal. And by that I mean there was a Kansas City Chiefs playoff game that day. So we stopped in Cedar Rapids at a sports bar and watched all 3 hours of the game. Afterwards, we finished the last three hours of the drive and helped take stuff to Corvin’s dorm room for a little bit before leaving.

Except it turns out that we were very fortunate. There are not great direct highways between St. Louis and LaCrosse. It snowed overnight in Iowa and caused me to slow down a bunch to be safe.

We’re already looking forward to spring break!

Hogan Haake