Earth Day – 4/27/2014

Earth day is something important in our family. Not like Christmas, but because Danelle has dedicated her life to improving the environment. We try as a family to be better stewards of the environment every day. Danelle  was volunteering at a booth and I was walking the kids around to see what was there. Its always a challenge to keep the kids happy. We started by walking around with me telling them no for everything they wanted to buy. We did see some interesting things.

Kids had a blast playing this super large chess set. They probably would have played all day if I didn’t scoot them along.


There was a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) garbage truck on display. The kids were allowed to climb in the cab and check it out.  They didn’t want to leave this truck but I eventually pulled them away so other kids could enjoy it. I wanted to play trash man too, but too many kids were in the way.


I’m not sure the point of this lady walking around during Earth day, but I bothered to get a photo just in case…

My little girl  got to pretend to be a butterfly for a bit.


We got to see a free  performance by Oh My Gosh Josh. Josh put on a fantastic show involving the kids. His jokes and juggling were fantastic. If you ever get a chance to see him, you should!

Hogan Haake