Don’t Feed The Geese – 5/10/2015

We went to Tilles park to hang out together. Ok, maybe we had stale bread and wanted to feed it to the ducks and geese. We walked around the lake slowly first. There were people about and we noticed a sign when we got there asking not to feed them. Being proper Americans, we decided the sign didn’t apply to us and proceeded to do as we wanted. This is not something we normally do…

IMG_20150510_140324 IMG_20150510_140412

It didn’t take long for the bread to run out or for us to become the most popular people in the park to the animals. Danelle even had them eating bread right out of her hand. But our fun was far from over. The kids then decided to chase the geese!

IMG_20150510_140343 IMG_20150510_140746 IMG_20150510_140326 IMG_20150510_140330

Of course I would never encourage such activity 🙂

Hogan Haake