Digging With Power – 1/17/2021

It seems like all cool things in my life eventually happen if I wait long enough. In this case, today I fulfilled a boyhood fantasy. While visiting my friends JoJo and Jason on their campground property, they invited me to play on their new Kubota tractor.

It didn’t take me long to say YES! They were working on digging out for a pad to place a large container. This tractor is new. It had 15 hours on the engine. Its awesome of them to let me play on a new toy. So here are a few action shots of my day.

I learned quickly that you can use both control sticks at the same time and get much better results. It didn’t take long for the backhoe to become an extension of me.

Couldn’t resist a selfie. Note its still cold outside. And they were kind enough to bring me ear protection as it gets loud after a while.

What an awesome day to help out friends and do something fun and new!!! Thanks JoJo and Jason!

Hogan Haake