DevUp Conference – 10/16/2017

My employer, DeckCommerce participated in the DevUp conference (formerly Days of .NET) this year. This meant that the company had a booth for recruiting. It was a fun place to gather and talk about the company to others in the community.

Christa Range and Jenny Fritz were the primary people at the booth.

And no booth is complete without some sort of giveaway. We had a plastic thing that nobody could figure out. Once explained, it made sense, so I suggested that they have a contest for a creative use of it.

It was an interesting talking point, but a disappointing give away. But we live and learn as a company. Here are a few photos from the event itself.

The keynote address to kick off the event was around javascript development.

Looking to my left

Hogan, Gretcen Grote, Maggie Ma

Dave Bubenik, Jeff Hug

It isn’t something our company does, so most of us left early to check out vendor booths.

Chad LaCroix trying to pay attention


Gretchen Grote wondering when I’ll stop taking photos!

Overall it was a good conference with lots learned. If you’re still wondering what the give away does, its a cell phone holder. Plug in your brick through the hole and place your phone on the ledge.

Hogan Haake