Creve Coeur Lake 5K – 6/2/2020

Melissa has been talking about nothing but boat racing since she signed up for the MR340 this year. Danelle and I are also signed up to be in the 10 person boat with her. She wants to get all the practice paddling in that she can so she is fully prepared for the race.

Today, her goal was to rent a canoe from the people at the lake to support them and get practice time in. I was able to make it out and joined her in the rental canoe. We participated in the 5K race around the lake. I’ve seen this group online before, but it was my first time participating with them.

Its a different group that I paddle with for the Sunset Race. This group comes out weekly to race and get better. Then they stand around in the parking lot and talk about life, boats, and racing. Here are a few more of the people involved.

Hogan Haake