Coty at the confluence – 1/29/2023

We picked one of the coldest days of the year to take Coty to the confluence. Its a really awesome place and I wanted her to experience it. So Danelle, Coty, and I set off to visit. Its a long drive down gravel roads to get there. Once we hopped out of the car, we were on a mission to get there while we were still warm. I enjoyed our simple conversation, waiting for Coty to see the confluence. Her delight at the wonder of Missouri and Mississippi rivers meeting was perfect.

We started up high on the concrete and worked our way down a little at a time.

It didn’t take long before she asked if she could go all the way down to the water. Of course we both agreed and went with her!

She even laid on the ground to be with the signs representing the two mighty rivers.

While it is wonderful being there, we quickly retreated to the car for warmth. We then proceeded to the National Great Rivers Museum nearby. This would let us continue exploring, but indoors. Also, we knew that Coty would love to try the barge simulator!

This simulator takes you through the St. Louis area controlling the rudder and 2 engines. We had some amazing virtual crashes and even more laughter. The simulator didn’t cause her to shy away from taking the wheel.

And my two little birds.

I don’t remember when it started, but I carry a wrench in my winter coat pocket. I’ve done it for years. I found a wrench in the museum slightly bigger than my pocket one.

It was a great time out of the house exploring the local St. Louis area even if it was crazy cold!

Hogan Haake