Corvin’s Graduation Party – 7/1/2022

Corvin is pretty chill about everything. Danelle continued to ask him if he was going to have a graduation party with his friends. Finally she told him he couldn’t go out with friends till he picked a date, and today was that date. There wasn’t much warning, but lots of friends showed up. First, some of the family.

Steve and Jackie

Mark Thorn and family, Josh and kids.

Henry and Carol (grandparents) plus Kelly, Brian, and Mark.

Of interesting note, Jo Jo showed up to drop off a boat we were using for a fourth of July float.

The boat is for training volunteers on how to score white water paddlers. We planned to use it for the parade, perfect for walking with!

Somebody suggested that Corvin try to unicycle with the boat on.

The first part of this video is Corvin unicycling while wearing the boat. The second part of the video is his friends having fun with him.

Some of Corvin’s friends trying to make him pose for a photo.

It was a delightful evening celebrating Corvin’s high school achievements and seeing all the friends and family we have not seen for a while.

Hogan Haake