Corvin XC At Blackburn – 9/7/2019

The Webster Groves invitational at Blackburn park, was the first XC race of the 2019 season, and was a great start to the monumental season. The varsity race was first and I got to watch my guys go out with a bang and get first place as a team with all 7 guys getting a medal. Then the JV race arrived which I knew was going to be hard since it’s Blackburn, but since I hadn’t raced yet in the season there was no concept of what time to run.

This lead me to start out a little conservative, but after the first mile I was in the top pack of three or four guys and was slowly moving up.

But leading into the second lap I was leading the pack with an ever growing lead. By the time we were nearing the final stretch there were three guys on my trail.

But as we got to the final stretch there was a little more juice to give, leading to me giving one last kick ending me a spot in second place. After the final race of the day we headed into the awards ceremony and after collecting the hardware, the team got some wacky/fun pictures.

Corvin Haake