Cookie Party! – 12/16/12

Everyone loves Christmas cookies, right?  But not everyone likes to make all those different kinds of cookies.  I mean, you make a batch of 5 different kinds of cookies and suddenly you’ve dirtied every bowl, baking sheet, cookie cutter, and utensil in the house.  And you have way more cookies than a human being can handle in a season.  OK, should handle in a season…  Our lovely friend Ingrid came up with a solution to this several years ago; each year she hosts a party where each of the ladies (sorry guys!) brings a couple of recipes or batches of dough.  She makes up some sugar cookies, I bring the cookie press, other folks bring other wonderful recipes, and we bake up a storm!

Even the kids get in on the act!

In the end, we have a lovely selection of holiday goodies we split and then eat ourselves, or give to family, or force upon co-workers!

Thanks for the wonderful time and the great memories!!