Color Run – 4/26/2014

The Brown’s invited our family to join them for the Color Run this year. We initially agreed to the four of us but decided against Sonora running and made it just Corvin and dad. Like always, I was over excited for the event. Corvin and I woke up early and were on the road with some Strange Donuts to power us for the run. We got downtown and parked before 7:30 am as the race started between 8 and 10 am in waves. Sitting in the parking lot, we texted the Browns to see where they were at. They had hardly woken up for the day and were an hour from leaving their house. It was about then that I realized that I left our registration packets back at the house. So off Corvin and I went back to our house, but not before paying to park for 30 minutes…..

Back at home, I make sure to pick up the packets and then coordinated to meet at the Brown’s house to caravan back to the start. There we met their friends, whose names I can’t remember. Once we were settled, we caravaned back to Union Station to park again for the race. From the parking lot, we walked to the race start. I was of course worried that we would be late, but there was a huge line of people waiting to start the race.

Once the race started, the 3 boys wanted to run, so I jogged along with them. Their pace was a bit fast for me, but I rightly counted on them not being able to keep it up for any duration. it was a lot of running followed by walking. We passed many people, only to be overtaken once our walking begin. When we got to the first color station, Corvin got a huge smile and made sure to get lots of powder all over himself! Corvin being like his dad just had to keep moving, so we separated from the group and went ahead. Just before the half way point, the race course turned right to go over a block or two before heading back to the finish. During this cutting over process, Corvin was begging me for a drink. He saw a gas station and asked me to take him inside for a drink. I told him we had to wait for the finish so the drink would mean more. He didn’t like me but I had all the money.

About 1,000 feet after the gas station and around the corner on the way back, there was a water station. Corvin was very pleased. I texted the Browns to let them know not to purchase anything at the gas station as there was water around the corner. They got the message moments before they were going to make their purchase. Ohh, and they mentioned it to everybody in the station. Not sure the owner was happy with that announcement.

I finally got Corvin to sit and wait for the Browns to catch up. It was fun, but more meaningful with people you care about. We had realized that the Color Run is actually a Color Walk. There are no prizes or timing for anybody hurrying through the course. Danelle and Sonora would have had a good time since there was no real rush.

Overall I was impressed with the Color Run. The organization was great and the color stations were lots of fun to go through. The party at the finish was awesome with tons of energy. My only drawback was the price. Its pretty expensive, so I would not want to do it every year, but it was a great experience!


Hogan Haake