55th Sunset Race – 7/11/2013

This month is the 55th Sunset Race series. The role call was Larry, Joe, and Hogan. This was the last race before this year’s MR340 race.   As always, the results were Joe first, followed by Hogan, then Larry. Album Hogan Haake

6th Highest Missippi River Crest St. Louis, MO 40.52ft – 6/4/2013

I happened to be working downtown to witness the 6th highest recorded crest of the Mississippi river on June 4th 2013. It was amazing seeing the river come as high as it did. I’ll post photos, but they hardly do it justice! The next image is interesting. The parking garage has its entrance under water. … Continue reading “6th Highest Missippi River Crest St. Louis, MO 40.52ft – 6/4/2013”

May 2013

Some random events from the month. I took my first On-Call call for work. Went outside and drank a beer with Ryan while working on it. Probably not supposed to drink while working…   Sonora has a new skill! The upgraded garden is planted Preparing for a summer BBQ! Album Hogan Haake