Broken Window – 11/14/2016

When I got into my van this morning, I didn’t realize how  cold it was, the back window had a ton of frost on it that I could see in the mirror. But as I sat down, I heard a noise that changed my mind and saddened me at the same time. Somebody had broken the window on the back on the van.

I made the call to the police to come out and take a statement, but I wasn’t expecting much. Turns out that I was part of a larger crime spree. The officer said that there were over 200 cars/reports that they already knew of. I felt better that I wasn’t targeted.

A few weeks later KSDK Channel 5 did a follow up and here is the story.

And of course, my friends love me, so they took a screen shot of the video for me to enjoy.

The whole thing was unpleasant, but at least I was in a financial position where it didn’t hurt me too bad. I still stand by my forgiveness.

Hogan Haake