Bladder Modification – 4/28/2013

In preparation for the MR340 race this year, I have decided to create a hydration system modeled off one I saw in my previous race. The materials are as follows:

1 2.5 gallon collapsible water bladder
6 feet of lead free hose from the hardware store
1 mouth piece from a Camel Back hydration system.
3/8 to 1/4 copper fitting

From here, I carefully took apart the lid to the water bladder.

After drilling a hole large enough for the water hose, I glued in the copper pipe to help make a tighter fit.

That was it. I put the hose in and had enough left over to go over my shoulder and put the drinking side in my mouth with room to spare. Its a simple cheap way to get lots of water without having to refill or switch containers! The only drawback to this system is that every time I get out of the boat, I forget its there and it catches me, so be careful!


Hogan Haake