Backyard Pool – 5/19/2012

We [the kids and I] were shopping at Sam’s club without mom. It seems that all good stories start this way because dad is a sucker for spending money that we maybe should not have. Maybe its also my way into bribing the kids to spend more time with me instead of video games. At any rate, I saw a very large inflatable swimming pool. Sonora and Corvin both saw it and said that they wanted it. It was only $30 and Sonora’s birthday was coming up. I asked Sonora if she wanted it for her birthday, though I already knew the answer. After a resounding yes and a great hug from her, I placed the swimming pool box in the cart. I believe it then got an even greater hug than I did.

Fast forward a couple days after her birthday. I filled up the pool with cold water from the hose. The pool was in the sun and it was a very warm day, but the kids didn’t seem to notice. The pool at the “full” line states that it holds 277 gallons of water. I’m sure we used more water than that with the requisite splashing and jumping in and out. Needless to say it was one of the best birthday presents yet and the kids have yet to complain about sharing it!