August 2013

I increased my redneck cred this month. I was working with my neighbor Jesse cutting down some trees in his back yard. He got his chain saw stuck in the tree and couldn’t get it out. I had the idea to throw a rope up in the tree and tie it to my trailer hitch. Jesse agreed with me and I drove my van into his backyard to help free the chain saw. Ultimately, I got the rope tied and inched ahead till the tree moved enough to free the saw.


In a spur of the moment decision, I bought a Kruger Cruiser canoe. I had a day off of work and drove to Indianapolis, IN to meet the seller. This is the first photo of the boat! I’ve always wanted this model of boat and I’m looking forward to using it for a long time!

Josh and Jen came in town and we were able to catch a meal with them at our kid’s favorite place to eat, Ci Ci’s Pizza.