1.1 – New years day fun We had a lot of fun taking pictures of Sonora and Maggie in their St. Louis Rams outfits. Very cute. Also just hanging out.
1.9 – Brian Climbs a tree Uncle Brian climbed the tree to get Corvin’s ball out of it. What a great guy!
1.9 – Outing in STL I decided to go to the St. Louis Sailing Center to get a new cleat for the sailboat. In order to get out there and keep the family, I decided to make a day of it. We all packed in the car with the camera and headed North. We got pictures of all the Enterprise Rent a Car places we could for Steve. We started out by seeing the Bigfoot in town. Then we went to the Boeing Store. After a quick lunch, we headed to the sailing center. I could have stayed there all day!
1.12 – More Basement Construction This is the start of a supply run for a bit more basement construction. We liked Steve’s room so much, we are going to wall off the utility/storage area in the basement. So I have pictures of us unloading the lumber for it.
1.16 – Magic House Danelle’s parents got us a year’s pass to the Magic house. This is our first visit there. The kids loved it and are already ready to go back!
1.19 – Grandpa Monster and Herman Visit Grandpa Monster and Herman came to visit us this weekend. They brought an old bicycle of mine and an arcade game that I bought a week earlier. It was on sale for well over half off, so I couldn’t pass it up. It was great to see them and just hang out. Herman and I went to the City Museum and he couldn’t keep up with me. Dad and Danelle talked about taxes and how we could save some money 🙂
1.21 – Sledding What snowfall would be complete without a little sledding. Okay, so it wasn’t that much snow, but these days we’ll take what we can get. The first hill we went to was just solid mud. We were there too late, so we ended up somewhere else by ourselves mostly. Thanks to Jake and Robin for the great idea!
1.29 – St. Louis Auto Show I’m a sucker for car shows. This one is really cool cause it is an OEM show. I get to sit in all the cars without being annoyed by the dealers. Steve, Jake, Corvin and I took the Metro Link out to the show. The highlight for me was getting to drive a Toyota Tacoma (with 16 miles on it) around an off road course. I didn’t realize that trucks could do the things this one did. Very cool! I’ll be there for sure next year. Probably won’t bring Corvin though, cause he was a handful!
Janurary – Random Family What month could be complete without random photos of the family. Sometimes no rhyme or reason, other times, just no rhyme. Enjoy.
2.2 – Steve’s Birthday Happy Birthday to Steve Bueg. We had a few presents waiting for him one day early. Nothing like a little surprise to pick up your day.
2.3 – Chicago Boat Show 07 Steve and I headed to Chicago at 5:30am to catch the annual Strictly Sail Chicago. It is my chance to pretend I’m actually sailing around the world or just some random coast. Steve and I each tried our hand at the RC sailboats. They were fun to sail, but I don’t think I would use one often enough to pay for one. While at the show, I made sure to stop by the Latitudes and Attitudes booth. Its always fun to see Bob and Jody. While they have no idea who I am, I sure appreciate who they are! Steve and I attempted a brisk walk outside on Navy Pier. It was about 5 degrees outside and tons of wind blowing. We didn’t make it outside very long, but it was worth it to look out on the lake! As rewarding as the trip to the boat show was, we had another part of our adventure yet. Steve and I stayed with Josh and Jen Trampier. They are great friends of mine from college. Steve knew Josh too, but not as well as me. Anyway, that aside we had wonderful conversation about all sorts of topics. Thanks again to them for having us at their place!
2.18 – Kelly and Jeff surprise visit Kelly and Jeff were in town seeing family and called us on a whim to see if we were home. Of course we were, or this entry wouldn’t be here, but what the heck. It was nice to hang out with them and see Sonora and Maggie play together. The girls are very cute!
2.24 – Corvin and Sonora Invade Grandpa Monster’s Office While we were in Kansas City for the weekend we took the kids to Grandpa Monster’s office to visit. We got pictures of them “helping” out. Being tax season, dad needs to put in a few more hours, so we wanted to visit him there and make his office fun for a bit!
2.23 – KC for Henry’s Birthday Birthday’s come just once a year (unless you are a dog) and today is Henry’s 16th Birthday. He and his friend Johnny made tons of pizza for dinner. We got in KC around 9:30pm and there was still plenty to go around. We got Henry a shirt with donkey on it with the caption “I’m a smart one”. Good clean fun… While we don’t have any photos of the following, we did visit Daddy in the hospital twice. He has been very sick. I wanted a photo, cause he had an awesome beard!
Feburary Family Random photos from the month of February. Corvin has recently been very interested in Sonora. He likes to help wake up “The gorgeous baby delicate” by climbing up on the crib and talking to her. You can see that in this set. There are also a few of me holding the kids with my pasty white legs. Sorry, but its winter time…
3.3 – Basement Construction I just can’t seem to get enough construction on this new house… The addition of Steve’s room went so well that we decided to put up another wall on the other side for utility stuff. There are a few shots of our electrical work and planning out the framing of the wall. More to come.
3.6 – Spaghetti Diner With Jake and Robin Jake and Robin called today and wanted to come over and cook us dinner. Being a cheap fat man, I decided to agree to this proposal. I figured if the dinner stunk, I could always order out pizza. It turned out that they came over and made great spaghetti. We baked some bread sticks from a can and had a great time. Somehow we got talking about dinner and ended up going to the store to buy stuff for peanut butter pie. Robin got her favorite recipe out and the girls went nuts. Needless to say, it was great! Thanks for a great surprise evening!
3.4 – Grandma and Grandpa visit Grandpa Henry had a birthday this month. He and Grandma Carol came over to celebrate at our house with the kids. They stayed most of the afternoon till just after dinner. We made sure to treat Grandpa to his favorite Burger King.
3.7 – Basement Construction The framing of the basement is complete on this day. It isn’t a perfect/professional job, but it sure is done. We weren’t looking for professional or we would have hired John Redinger (St. Louis area). Once the drywall goes up and the electrical is in, we’ll paint it and put up the dart board. Something about all work and no play…
3.17 – Terry and Darlene visit Terry, Darlene, Tara, and Drew came in town for a brief stay. Terry had a workshop while the rest of them did sight seeing. They made sure to stop by our house and say hi. It was awesome to see them!
3.21 – Great Grandma Visits Brian was out with Great Grandma and brought her by our house to see the kids. Check out the photos of the three generations of girls.
3.23 – Sewer Damage The saga with our house continues… We woke up in the morning to find water in our basement. We knew that the basement didn’t leak because it didn’t rain during the night. After studying the water on the floor of the basement, I followed the marks to the drain on the floor. It seems that the drain backed up. Danelle decided to call Metro Sewer District (MSD) and they dispatched a truck. After a few tries, they had to send a guy down the man hole. The found a grease and oil blockage that caused water to back up into our house. They cleared it out and we cleaned out the basement. Nothing like more excitement.
March Family The kids are growing so fast!
4.6 – Christi Kimpler Visits STL Christi Kimpler came to St. Louis to visit. She spent some time catching up with Steve and the family. They went to the zoo and just hung out. Did
4.14 – Red Boat Before Sanding The red boat was new in 1978. The woodwork has taken a long beating from the sun and needed some work. I wanted to document the before and after.
4.15 – On the Roof I went up on the roof today to clean out the gutters. While I was up there, I thought it best to take the camera with me so those that are more afraid of heights could experience it. Its always amazing how the fall looks so much bigger from up there then it does on the ground.
4.15 – Zeuss Birthday Hiatt sent me these photos of Zeuss for his doggy birthday. He doesn’t seem very happy, but that might be because he is an old dog. As an added bonus,there are pictures of Michaela.
April Family corvin seems to have gotten a thing for going around without a shirt on this month…
5.3 – Up in the Attic If you have followed along with our issues with the house from 2006, you will know that we have had issues with the air conditioner in the attic. It is starting to get warm outside and we have started running the AC more. I heard enough noise from the unit to start getting worried. I decided to hall myself up there and make sure it all looks good. The first thing I noticed when I went up there was how pleasantly cool it was in the attic. A quick turn of the flashlight revealed that one of the tubes that connects to the vent had come off the unit. The last time anybody was up in the attic was May 26, 2006. That means that we have probably been heating and cooling the attic for almost a whole year. That just goes to show you that you should check your references when you have a house built… So the photos are what the attic looks like.
5.14 – Steve’s House Steve finally bought his own house. As it happens, it is the house right next to my house. Its a long story and probably too personal for the Internet, but here it is. There is a lot of work to do on the house before he can move in. Cleaning and repairs, but it’ll all get done this summer. More albums of the progress to come.
5.15 – Sonora’s 1st Birthday Today is Sonora’s first birthday. We had a small party with a cupcake for her to eat. As you can see, it was soo good, that she decided to wear it. It took her a second to realize that she was supposed to eat it.
5.16 – Steve’s House We have been cleaning Steve’s house since he closed on 5/11/07 and this is what it looks like. The dumpster is getting very full as we clean it out. I decided that we needed to remove the flower box at the road before the dumpster was taken away. That way we would have a way to dispose of the cut up telephone poles that made it up. It took quite some time to cut it up and the cut pieces were crazy heavy. Can’t wait till we get the dirt cleaned up, the yard will look so much better!
5.18 – Weekend in KC This weekend was planned to be a family gathering at Hillsdale Lake outside of KC. It turned out that the weather stunk and we didn’t go out to the lake. That really put a damper on the weekend, but we still had a good time there. Inside the album, Sonora and Michaela are playing at Hiatt’s house. Hiatt and I each took turns with the girls, holding both of them. A bunch of us ended up going to the Family Fun Center in Shawnee and playing games. They had a train there and all Corvin wanted to do was ride it. I finally found an employee that was able/willing to operate it, making Corvin the happiest possible that day. Check out his smiles.
5.19 – Brian’s Birthday Just like every year, Brian (who’s last name I’m not allowed to display) had a birthday. It was a small gathering at Danelle’s parents house. We gave him a R/C helicopter that turned out to be total junk. I guess its the thought that counts.
5.19 – Sonora’s Second First Birthday Party Grandma Carol is a sucker for her grandkids. The second first birthday party for Sonora is no exception. Sonora’s birthday was earlier in the week, but Grandma wanted to celebrate grand style. So Great Grandma, Uncle Brian, Jake, and Robin all came over to celebrate dinner and cake. We played croquet in the back yard and had a great time.
5.27 – Memorial Day For being a three day weekend, I took an exceptionally small number of photos. Of course that could be because we had an extra kid for the weekend. Kelly and Jeff left Maggie with us while they had to nights and 3 days at a bed and breakfast for Kelly’s birthday. Maggie had a great time playing, but required a little more holding than normal because mom and dad wern’t there. When Kelly and Jeff came back to our house on Monday, Maggie started crying when she saw them. I’m not sure if it was to punish them for being gone, or because she just realized that they were gone so long.
5.31 – Steve’s House So it isn’t enough just to clean up Steve’s house, paint and let him move in. It has been decided that we are going to make it better than new. That means we’ll start with expanding the kitchen into one of the bedrooms. Check out the carnage from Steve and Danelle. Now if we can just replace those walls quickly.
May Family Having fun.
6.5 – River Confluence I decided that I wanted to see the confluence. We started driving out and decided to stop for food. We found a Jack in the Box and tried the drive through. Our fast food took about 10 minutes to get out to us. When we finally got there, we enjoyed the walk and the river. The kids were crabby and in need of a nap, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as I would have liked.
6.6 – Lunch at the rocket park Danelle and I decided to have a picnic at the “Rocket Park”. We took the kids and had a picnic on the bike path on the less used side of the park. After the picnic, we walked over and let the kids play. It amazes me that for all the cool equipment there, Corvin usually wants to play in the sand. We did end up going down the crazy slide, and I even took Sonora down it.
6.6 – Cliff Cave Park Jake and Robin joined us for a visit to Cliff Cave Park. We started out at the bluffs overlooking the river and then graduated to the path going around the actual cave. We almost didn’t get out of the park before the gate was shut. We started the long hike too late, but it all worked out in the end. Later that evening, we saw a motorcycle accident, but didn’t get any pictures.
6.10 – Hogan’ Birthday in KC I wanted to go to KC for my birthday this year. Needless to say, that made mom very happy. Mom and dad got me a Mrs. Kimmerly cake (the best there is). We mostly hung out around the house for the weekend, making the occasional trip out. We spent Saturday night out back making smores from the Webber grill. I’m a sucker for a good fire! Did I mention that Mom and Dad gave me my own Weber!
6.19 – Steve’s Grandparents In STL Steve got a huge surprise on Monday when his grandparents (from Flordia) came out to visit him! They knew what days Steve had off from work and planned the trip around that. We started off with Dinner at the best restaurant on the Hill, Zia’s. On Tuesday morning, Steve, his grandparents, Danelle, and I went out to Laclede’s landing to take in the arch/riverfront. We had a great time walking around and just being together. It was really fun, till I ripped my shorts on the Lewis and Clark statue… Steve’s Grandparents were also an amazing help on Steve’s house.
6.23 – Mike Dulle’s Wedding Corvin, Sonora, and I took a trip to Jefferson City for the wedding of Mike Dulle and Alicia Butel. We stayed at Kelly and Jeff’s house, but Corvin and I spent most of the day with Sean, Jennifer, and the gang. Somehow Heather kept jumping in front of the camera – she’s in almost every picture!! You’ll notice that I managed to get to Cold Stone creamery for ice cream — twice in one day… I am now Corvin’s bestest friend. Sonora enjoyed the time away from big brother playing with Maggie. Kelly and jeff were kind enough to forward their photos of the day’s fun.
6.24 – Danelle in Seattle City Danelle sent to Seattle for a business conference and enjoyed the sights while she was there.
6.24 – Danelle Seattle Mountains During a business conference, Danelle met up with her replacement at the Iowa DNR and the two of them visited Mount Rainier just a couple of hours outside of Seattle. Even though it was late Jenu, Danelle got to drive the rental car through the snow!
6.30 – KC Haakes in STL Dad, Hannah, and Henry came in town to hang out with us. Herman and Mom were in Germany on a trip. We celebrated the visit with a crazy Pointers Pizza. There are several photos of how large the box is. You can see that Grandpa Monster really likes Sonora. He seemed to hold her every chance he got! Also in this set is another one of Corvin’s adventures… I went out in the garage to find him taking apart the deadbolt on the door with a screw driver he found. When he saw me, he put the screw driver behind his back and acted like nothing happened. It took all my engineering skills and a bunch of help from Danelle to get it back on the door.
6.31 – Boeckmann Cousin Party Well, there’s only one photo here… The girl is Laura, and I don’t know the other cousin. I wasn’t at the party long because my family from the previous set was still here. So the missing photo credit goes to Danelle.
June Family Random photos of our doings this month. You can see Sonora beating me up in two pictures.
7.1 – KC Haakes in STL I know that the date on this photo set is wrong, cause Herman would have been in Germany on this date, but at least its out here… Some time after he got back from Germany, Herman came down with Dad for a quick weekend. Herman tried to ride my unicycle and didn’t have any luck (but I didn’t expect any either). We took a hike at Emmenegger park and played down at the Meramec river.
7.2 – Baseball Game with Jake, Byron, Steve Byron and Christi came in town for the weekend to see a baseball game. The boys (Jake, Byron, Steve, and I) went to the game and had front row tickets. It is amazing being on the ground level at Busch Stadium. It almost felt like we were sitting under the field. Poor Byron is a die hard Royals fan, and dressed for the occasion… Maybe some day they’ll break .500. Anyway, the T-Shirt girls were quite a hit for the four of us! It was an awesome way to see Byron and hang out for the night!
7.4 – Sculpture Park with Buddy Buddy is the newest edition to Jake and Robin’s family. He is a very friendly dog that seems to have boundless energy. He is a real hit with Corvin and Sonora. So we took Buddy for a walk in the sculpture park before seeing fireworks. It was a restful way to spend the fourth of July.
7.12 – Corvin spends the day with Mom Danelle and her mom decided to bond with the kids. So on this day, Sonora went to Grandma’s for the day and Corvin stayed with mom. They ended up doing anything but staying. They went to the Train Museum for the morning. Creation Station is a big play area with tons of toys and they spend a good portion of the day in there. Corvin and Mom met me for lunch at McDonalds. I got there first and waited in the parking lot. As they pulled up. Corvin got very excited. Once out of the van, he gave me one of the largest hugs he ever has and said “Dad, I have not seen you all day!”. It made me feel awesome that he missed me so much. So we got food and played. After lunch, they went back to the Museum to play a bit more before coming home. Mom is the best for taking care of her boy that way!
7.15 – Danelle’s Birthday My lovely wife turned 30 years old on this day. I got a bunch of free car care stuff from Sean and wrapped it all up for her. There were a few actual gifts, but it sure looked like more than it was 🙂 I like to keep her on her toes. A small family event that was lots of fun.
7.22 – Botanical Garden with Robin Danelle and Robin went off one Saturday morning to take photos at the St. Louis Botanical Garden. They had a great time together and took a bunch of photos. It is a beautiful place to walk.
July Family Sonora and Corvin are growing up so fast. Here are some random photos of them. There is a bonus photo of Grandpa Henry after he fell asleep in Sonora’s bed!
8.18 – To KC for weekend Nothing like a crazy weekend in KC to see my family. Holly and Jim were in town this weekend. What an awesome surprise. Of course, it’s mom and dad’s wedding anniversary weekend also. All of the kids being in town for that makes it extra special for them. You can see Corvin, Brian, Zach, and Sonora running through the sprinklers. Best of all, there is a photo of Daddy wearing one of mom’s old wigs. He is an amazing guy. We caught up with Drew and Elizabeth for breakfast and had a nice chat!
8.26 – Zoo with Kelly and Maggie Kelly and Maggie met us at the zoo to relax after moving in town..
September Family One photo of mom with the kids.
9.1 – Fults Prarie Nature Reserve This was an amazing hike looking over the river bottom in Illinois. We want to come back when the leaves are turning, cause it is awesome out here. The hike at this nature reserve is like walking on top of a cereal bowl. It is a large hike to get up to the rim, but then you just walk a circle around the flat top rim looking out over everything. We wanted to take more pictures, but the battery died in the camera. If you go there, start the hike by going up the stairs, and you’ll save what we think is the best view for last!!!
9.3 – Cuivre River State Park We went here to hike and did the Lone Spring Trail. The lady at the information center told us it was the best bang for our buck… She was on the money, this trail is almost totally isolated, on the outside of the park. I dont’ remember hearing any cars once we got in about 500 feet from the start of the trail. It was a perfect example of Mother Nature’s beauty.
9.4 – Cardinals Baseball Game Centurion took out all its employees to the Cardinal’s baseball game. It was a nice time to meet and greet workers/spouses outside of work. Thanks to Russ for making this happen. This was the game with the rally squirrel at Bush Stadium. (all photo credits for this set go to Larry Whitehall.)
9.8 – BBQ With Friends Kelly, Jeff, Maggie, Jake, Robin, and Buddy all came over to hang out for BBQ at our house. Not too much more to say.
9.9 – Day with Grandparents Grandma Carol and Grandpa Henry came over for the day to hang out.
8.24 – Corvin and Mom take the train Danelle and Corvin took a ride on a real Amtrak train out to Jefferson City. Corvin was so excited that he fell asleep about halfway there…
9.15 – Kirkwood Park The whole family out for a walk with Grandpa Henry and Grandma Carol. The highlight of the evening was when Danelle told Corvin not to chase the geese, giving me the opportunity to attack with Sonora.
9.17 – Balloon Glow Steve, Corvin and I went out to the annual St. Louis Balloon glow. Let me start by saying we should have taken the Metro Link. I thought driving would be faster to get there, but so did everybody else in town. It was a very cool time to hang out with hot air balloons and see them up close. It was very windy, so not all of the balloons actually set up shop. Many of them didn’t stay up very long, but it was still worth going!
9.18 – Kirkwood Greentree Festival Parade Corvin just loves parades… Or maybe it is reverse Halloween as the candy just comes to you as you sit there. Yeah, I think he is just in it for the candy. I was there to see the cars and the local Zombie Squad.
9.25 – Down at the Merimac We have been spending lots of time down by the river recently. The rock outcropping that you can see us “working” on is visible from the highway overpass. I see it most days on my way into work. It makes it easy to tell when the river is up.
September Family A bunch of photos from us at Incredible Pizza Company
10.1 – Hogan shaves his beard Snorkie is the half beard prince. Well, I was just sick of my annual try at growing a beard. In the spirit of things, I just had to get some photos of it coming off.
10.7 – Train Museum with Grandpa Corvin went to his favorite place with Grandpa.
10.9 – Corvin’s Birthday Corvin turned 4 years old today. We had all the usual crazies over to celebrate this fantastic event with us.
10.24 – Pumpkin Patch We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.
10.31 – Halloween The scariest time of the year is on one day. Corvin dressed as a ghost, but quickly gave up his hood. Sonora decided to make it look like she was eating something gross, but it was actually an Oreo cookie. Of course, I had to get in on the messy face action and I attempted to get Oreo all over my face. I guess I’m not as good as drooling as I once was, cause I just couldn’t get it. Danelle suggested that I used Sonora’s cookie to finish my look, but I figured Sonora wouldn’t be able to eat the rest of the cookie if I used it as makeup…
11.4 – KC Haakes We took a short trip south to the Louisburg Cider Mill while we were in KC. It was right after Halloween, so the festivities were mostly over. But that meant that there was nobody to charge us to go through the corn maze. I’m a huge fan of their apple cider, so that made the trip even better! Danelle and I went to the Chiefs football game on Sunday Afternoon while Mom took the kids to Lawrence for a family gathering. Corvin got to see some of his great aunts and uncles. Sonora took a liking to Jane.
11.5 – Steve’s House Construction The flash on Steve’s camera is broke, so the pictures didn’t turn out that great, but you can see the framed in soffit that we built above his soon to be kitchen sink. This will hold a light and hide part of the vent stack. Tile is almost completely in and its coming together fast!!!
11.14 – STL Confluence Part 1 If you live in St. Louis and have not visited the Confluence, you are missing out on something special! There are two great places to view it from. This point is South of Edward “Ted” and Pat Jones-Confluence Point State Park .
11.14 – Confluence Part 1 See above for description. Too lazy to combine the albums.
11.14 – Confluence Part 2 Second view of the confluence from the North side.
11.15 – Danelle in Milwaukee Danelle went to a business conference in Milwaukee. It wasn’t all work and no play though. She had time to go and see a demonstration at a Harley shop. She also caught the The Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile.
11.22 – Thanksgiving in STL My parents plus Herman, Henry, and Hannah came in from KC for Turkey Day. We spent a lot of time in the basement playing darts. Steve’s parents were here also. There’s a great shot of Ken (Steve’s dad) playing the drums for a hair metal band.
11.23 – Trip to the Confluence Along with all the visitors from out of town, we took them to our current favorite place, the Confluence. There’s the stand fare of all of us by the water. The day wore us out, but was a big hit. They all liked the area.
12.4 – Roto Rooter is full of sh*t Doh! We had a drain issue and Roto Rooter was called out to fix it. After the guy left our house, these are the photos of the mess he left at our house. Danelle was quick to take pictures and send them on to Roto Rooter. The same guy was out the next day cleaning up the mess and apologizing. All is well with the drain again.
12.11 – Sanding Steve’s Floor These are the in progress photos of us sanding Steve’s wood floor at his house. We followed the instructions from the guy at Home Depot and it wasn’t too bad.
12.15 – Sledding This was our first chance to sled for the current winter season. The snow wasn’t deep, and our hill (levy) was very rough. So we had sore butts from going down the hill, but great spirits. I happened to be driving around after work checking out some parks and came across this sledding spot. It was completely void of people which made it perfect!
12.16 – Sledding We got more snow the previous day, and that made it perfect for sledding again. I decided to bring along the snow shovel and boy was it a great idea. The snow gathered at the top of the levy and it needed to be shoveled to get to the top easily. Got to love those drifts. Jake and Robin bought a 50 foot leash for Buddy so he could go down the hill with them at the same time. Sonora got cold at the end, so Jake and I took her back to the van early to warm up. We finished off the afternoon with lunch at Jake and Robin’s place.
12.22 – Union Station Trains KC For growing up in Kansas City, I had never stepped foot inside of Union Station before to my knowledge. So to my amazement, we went there to check out their collection of Christmas Trains and possibly the science museum. Well, we never made it to the museum cause of time constraints, but Corvin and Sonora loved the train layout. It is very large. I’m guessing about 100′ by 100′ and all done by volunteer. A very cool sight to see. They even had Thomas and James (Thomas the train engine) engines running. That made it about perfect for Corvin. They had one of those trains that the kids could ride in, but it was closed. So we helped ourselves to climb all over it. I even played conductor! It was an awesome time!
12.23 – Corvin’s Dog Bite These photos were taken on 12.23, but all the action happened on 12/22. Around 10:00pm at night, we were all sitting around watching an episode of “Air Wolf”. Danelle was in the kitchen putting away leftovers from dinner when we all heard a gut wrenching growl from the kitchen. Right after the growl, Corvin began crying. It ends up, that my parents dog, Mac, bit Corvin in the face. The bite went all the way through Corvin’s cheek to the inside of his mouth. We took him to the Emergency Room where they proceeded to give him several stitches in 5 places (including the inside of his mouth)…. Skipping forward a bit, Corvin rode his bike to the park on Christmas day and was almost completely normal in a few days. Other than getting the stitches out, he is not worse for the ware. He still likes dogs, so it all worked out. Ohh, yeah, and chicks dig scars, so I think he’ll be alright!!!
12.25 – Christmas at Home Since Danelle and I have been married, this is the first Christmas we have spent at home. It was an amazing feeling to wake up and see that Santa Claus came and brought presents for Corvin and Sonora. We had a nice and relaxing time.
December Family The kids are getting bigger…