2004 Here are some random photos from this year.
Assorted Family Random with a theme of people in the family.
Assorted Friends Inside is Corvin’s first time sledding. He is only a few months old, and he doesn’t like it. Also some Geo people.
1.18 – Corvin Baptism Corvin was baptized at St. Francis of Assisi parish in West Des Moines, Iowa. Many of our good friends from Des Moines were there and the grandparents made a visit also. My sister Holly is the godmother, and Danelle’s brother Brian is the godfather (forget about it!). My parents were good enough to bring a Mrs. Kimmerly cake from Kansas city. She makes the best cakes I have ever tasted hands down!
Corvin in Jan and Feb Tons of photos of Corvin. Bet you couldn’t tell he is our first child…
Niemeyer House – Feb/ Kelly and Jeff’s new house in Jeff City. Look out for that driveway, it will scrape the bottom of your car off!
Corvin in Mar and Apr More crazy pictures of random people with Corvin. Grandma Marion holding Moto in her apartment. Lots of great stuff.
Corvin in May and June Corvin again.
5.1 – Byron’s Wedding Byron and Christi got married today. It was incredible to see Byron getting married. He is a very serious family guy and needed a wonderful wife, and Christi is that lady. I also got to see some other good friends from high school. Lauren (O’Hagan) Haake, Liz (Wristen), and Ryan McMurray. Plus Corvin got to see Grandma and Grandpa.
5.30 – City Museum – STL This is the first time I have ever seen my brother in law Brian not wearing slacks. Okay, he sometimes doesn’t wear them… wait, it isn’t what you are thinking. He IS wearing shorts! Anyway, Danelle, Brian and I made a trip to the City Museum in St. Louis. If I wasn’t soo fat, I could have kept up with Brian and Danelle, There are some tight passages!
6.10 – Cakes Boy am I a dork. Its my birthday and I made my own Home Star Runner birthday cake. Below that is a photo of the sailboat cake Danelle made for me.
6.26 – Minnesota and Mall of America This trip started with Danelle picking up supplies for her dark room that she bought off of ebay. This is the second set of supplies she bought as the first was ruined in shipping. We’re still fighting the USPS to get the insurance value for the box… Anyway we decided to have a mini vacation on this trip. Steve even made the trip with us. What a great time.
6.26 – Grotto of Redemption West Bend, Iowa The Grotto of the redemption is a hidden gem in the middle of Iowa. If it was closer to a major city, I believe this would be a huge attraction. As it is, it is quite a drive… We happened to be on our way home from Minneapolis, Minnesota for a long weekend visit. It is hard to explain the magnificence of this place, but it is special.
Corvin in July and Aug Some fun photos of Corvin. He liked to help me play guitar. He is also a messy eater!
7.17 – Jeff City MO with da college group We all gathered in Jeff City to hang out and be together 4 years after my graduation. I had fun playing in the fountain!
8.6 – Corvin and Brian Haake Corvin and his cousin Brian in the same outfit. It is hard to tell the boys apart. If you need help, Corvin is wearing dark blue socks.
8.7 – Matt and Jana’s Wedding Matt and Jana (Morrow) Henderson are great friends from college. Jana was my piano teacher and sang in my wedding. She is one of the best singers I have ever heard. I remember having a birthday party for Jana at the old college apartment where I spelled her name with Christmas lights on the wall. Anyway, I wish them the best.
8.13 – Disc Golf Worlds Danelle and I worked with the Des Moines Disc Golf Club to get the PDGA Disc Golf world championships to Des Moines.
9.4 – Mark and Mary’s Wedding Mary and Mark got married in Topeka Kansas. We went there and spent the night at the hotel where the reception was. Mary is a great friend of Danelle’s from college. They went on a trip with several other friends to London for the semester. I remember most of the evening, but then it got fuzzy towards the end. Must have been the beer.
Corvin in Sept and Oct Tons of photos of Corvin in KC, STL, and Des Moines. There is even one in there of Corvin with his great niece Brittany Bryant.
10.9 – Corvin First Birthday Corvin turns 1 today, err sometime in this photo set. The photos are from St. Louis and Des Moines for two different birthday parties. Nothing like having two parties. Of course the cake was a big hit! Also Danelle’s hair looks great in the last photo of the set.
10.16 – Corvin First Haircut Speaking of hair, Corvin’s hair is too much. I don’t remember if we were too cheap to get it cut professionally, or if Danelle was just wanting to do it herself in a career change… She is still doing environmental work but I digress. Baby Einstein was the babysitter and Danelle the hairdresser. Both parties got what they wanted and I had to take photos. Strange that she didn’t appreciate the pictures of Zeus (the dog). Something about Corvin being the center of the pictures.
10.29 – Kitchen Floor And for our next trick, we will replace an entire kitchen floor. With some assistance from Steve, Joe Burch, and Baby Einstein (Corvin’s babysitter) we put the floor in. Joe has some pretty sexy photos in this set.
10.31 – Halloween Corvin’s costume is a wolf, but I think it looks like an aardvark. Check out the Iowa DNR pumpkin. Modeled after one of the “best” employees there… I found a great use for our Easter bunny cake pan… We created Bunnicula, the killer vampire bunny. I decided to wear my Toys R Us vest to work and be an employee. Corvin came to Geo to do Halloween with the other kiddos. Brady Thompson was a skunk… (Just like his dad)
Corvin in Nov and Dec Moto is a movie star. He found some yellow glasses and played with them till he broke em! Look at the last photo and tell us if Corvin has a drinking or drooling problem.
November Utah Vacation Look out, this one takes a long time to load. 256 photos of our vacation. We decided on Utah to visit our friends from Iowa State, Jason., Amber, and Pheobe Johnson. We spent about a week and a half driving out and touring several places including but not limited to (while supplies last) Arches National Park and Zion National Park. Bryce canyon was also a very cool place to visit. We had snow and clear skys during the same visit… On the way home from Zion, we took a shortcut that almost worked. As we were close to the top of the mountain, we ran into snow packed roads that were impassable in our mini van. We had to turn around and I’m glad that we did cause the fog rolled in shortly after we turned around. The shortcut probably added 3 hours to our trip and caused us to get in very late that night. Danelle and I took several hikes on this trip and Corvin slept in the backpack carrier for at least half the time. He is already snoring in my ear… Check it out, Utah isn’t just for Mormons anymore 🙂
12.25 – Christmas in STL Corvin’s second Christmas. We went to St. Louis and had a great time. He is almost getting the present thing figured out.
Pets, Etc This is a catch all for when we didn’t keep up enough with organizing our photos. Several shots of cats in odd locations.
Sailboats One photo of Daddy’s boat in Iowa. Also shots of our only adventure with the Hobie Cat Club in Iowa. They were a little too serious about speed/racing for us. We like to sail lazy.