2003 Photos
2002 Random collection of photos from the year.
Amana Swing 7-5-02 Photos of a swing in the Amana Colonies.
Big Creek – 9-15-02 This set is a hole by hole photo shoot of the Big Creek Iowa Disc Golf Course. These photos were taken to be used in the Des Moines Disc Golf Club’s bid to get the disc golf world championships held in Des Moines, Iowa.
Boeckmann Basement Construction This was one of the first sets of photos we took with our first digital camera. Just before going on vacation, we stopped in to see Danelle’s parents. They were in the middle of construction on their basement.
Camping with Joe and Dawn There is only one picture, but it proves we were there!
Carroll Marty Disc Golf Course – Ames, Iowa I played my first ever round of disc golf on this course on October 30, 1998 with Sean Godwin, and Danelle Boeckmann. Sean and I drove up from Springfield, MO to see Danelle for the weekend. This course was about 500 feet from the apartment she was staying at.
DiscGolferUSA.com Tourney 6-22-02 Jason Hilton is my disc golf mentor. When I started working for GeoLearning, he talked about disc golf non stop. He created a disc golf website, www.DiscGolferUSA.com to prove to Geo that he was a good Cold Fusion programmer. After the site got going, I jumped in to help him. We did some cool things with it. I don’t work on it anymore, but Jason still keeps it up. We never made the jump to e-commerce and all that good stuff. Anyway, this tournament was sponsored by the website. We had a great time, but decided it was too much work to do again.
Disc Golf and BBQ 7-7 My parents came up to Des Moines to see our new house. While they were there, we went to Grandview Park to play disc golf and have a BBQ picnic.
FBI Tourney 8-3-02 Frisbee Brothers of Iowa (FBI) disc golf tournament. Held at Waterworks park followed by a picnic.
GeoLearning Photos Chris Jenning, Eric Kennedy, and I are photoed in this set. The three of us shared an office for a while. There are some photos of my desk including my coffee cup speakers. Good stuff šŸ™‚
Haakes at Thanksgiving My parents and siblings (minus Hiatt) came up to our apartment in Ames to have Thanksgiving with us. It was great to have them up.
Haydens Graduation P..> This is one of the worst set of photos I have ever taken. My brother Hayden is graduating from high school and I came to town to see it. This is his party at my parents house. Of the 22 photos in the set, only 2 of them have Hayden in them.
Helicopter Ride 6-16 This is my first ever helicopter ride. Pilot Frank Spavale is a close friend of Danelle’s parents. We went up in Alton, IL for the ride over the river. Henry (Danelle’s dad) has been up several times with Frank and said that it was the exhilarating he had experienced with Frank.
Hiatt and Colleen’s Wedding Rehersal This is wedding rehearsal I’ll never forget. I’m not sure if dad didn’t do his homework or the hotel was just having a bad night. Colleen likes chicken, so that was on the menu. When the brought the chicken out around an hour later than they were supposed to, almost every plate served had under cooked chicken. Many of them still bleeding. I attempted CPR on my serving, but I couldn’t get it to come back. After sending back just about everybody’s food, dad continued to eat his nearly raw chicken (he never got sick). When they finally brought out the chicken again, it still wasn’t done. Not to outdo themselves, the rehersal dinner was in the President Room. There were pictures of all the US presidents except for the previous 2 presidents. They had 8 years to get a picture of President Clinton…
Hiatt and Colleen’s Wedding This event was perfect! The ceremony and reception went off without a hitch. Hiatt was a little (terrified) worried, about his Mustang being decorated, but I promised it would be taken care of.
House Hunting Danelle and I decided it was time to buy a house. These are photos of some of the houses we looked at. None of them are the one that we bought.
Joe N Dawn Wedding Joe and Dawn Thompson are friends of ours through Geo. Joe started working at Geo and we hit it off as great friends. He also became a disc golf buddy with Jason and I. We went to their wedding and I took video from the alter.
Kitties Danelle never had any animals in her house growing up. I agreed to get a cat as long as she takes care of them. I am not a fan of scooping litter. Anyway, we got the digital camera and she just went nuts with the cats. I guess that explains her love for Biology.
Living History Farm My family came in to visit and we took them to the Living History Farm. It is a cool place to check out how it used to be. Makes you appreciate electricity and all that good stuff!
Moving Out and In This is a collection of our moving photos from our apartment into our first house.
Nauvoo with Amber and Jason Jason and Amber Johnson are friends of ours from Iowa State. We took a weekend trip to Navoo, IL to see the Mormon temple dedicated. We learned a bunch and had a great time.
New Hobie Cat So we decided we were tired of renting boats and decided to borrow our own. Danelle and I looked at some used boats, but decided on this 2002 Hobie Cat Getaway. We wanted to have room to bring friends along with us, so this boat holds 6 people and has the wings to sit on. This is the photo of it just after we brought it “home” to our apartment. Okay, so it was going to storage the next day, but it was still very cool to bring it home.
Our House These are photos of our new house… The photos here are not of our stuff, but of the final inspection.
Sailing 7-6-02 My parents came up to visit and go sailing. This is us at Big Creek state park. Dad rented two kayaks to go along with our boat. We had a great afternoon. At the end of the day, we got the boat put away and back into the cars just as the rain started. Talk about great timing!
Southwoods Improvements Southwoods Disc Golf course in West Des Moines, Iowa is one of my favorite courses. It is a tough 9 hole course. It helps that it was about 10 minutes from my house. I could leave home to play a round and be back in under an hour. I liked it so much, that I worked with the city to get them to put in concrete tee pads. Besides the tee pads, we also got a sign and some railroad ties to create steps for some of the tougher places. I ended up being out of town when the poured the concrete for the tee pads, but overall this project was a huge success! Don’t think that I did the project alone, I had the support of the Des Moines Disc Golf Club behind me!
Tanker Fire in Des Moines, Iowa As Danelle and I were going out of town for the weekend, we drove by a tanker that was on fire. It was one of the 8,000 gallon semi trailers full of fuel. We thought about taking a picture after a while and stopped a few miles away to get this picture.
US Disc Golf Women’s Nationals Danelle played in the US Disc Gold Women’s National Champoinships. She was in the intermediate division. The had a great time and vowed to play again, but had Corvin instead šŸ™‚ Maybe she’ll play again some day.
Vacation 2002 – Cruise Our big vacation this year was a cruise. We drove from Des Moines to Kansas City to St. Louis, to Memphis. There we met Kelly and Jeff at Brian’s apartment. From there the four of us (Kelly, Jeff, Danelle and I) drove to New Orleans. We spent a few days there before going on a 5 day cruise. This was my first trip outside the US, to Mexico. The trip was fun. I learned that I don’t care for Cruise ships.
Visit in StL with Redinger, Puetz and Provice We came in town to celebrate John and Laura’s first wedding anniversary. We went to a place in Soulard and drank while catching up.