January 2013

We finished out the first month of the year with lots of time indoors. Corvin and Sonora enjoy playing board games with their grandparents!

Also, the kids discovered that what is old can be new again. We were cleaning up some stuff from the basement and decided to get rid of a large framed map of the St. Louis area. The kids still wanted the map, keeping it outside on the porch and re-discovering it for the first time. Ultimately the map survived but the frame did not. Its posted on a wall in the house for the kids to keep looking at.


Hogan Haake

January – 2012

Another winter month completed. One of the things that l like to do in winter months is run a pot of water on the stove to keep the house humidified. I decided it was time to purchase a kettle just for this purpose. After bringing it home and boiling water in it for a few hours, Danelle and I were quite annoyed with it. The whistling of the water starting to boil was just a bit too much. So I decided to complete a slight modification. Will the drill in hand, I bored out the hole, preventing it from whistling again!

I find it amazing how “free” stuff ends up costing money. I helped my neighbor move a TV from a friend’s house to his basement. While we were at his friend’s house, they said that they just needed to get rid of a pair of speakers and they would be happy. I couldn’t pass this up and ended up with some nice 10″ Cerwin Vega speakers for the garage. This meant that I had to purchase a receiver and speaker wire to make it work. Now the garage is very loud!

I went to Springfield for the last on-campus session of my Master’s degree at Missouri State University. While there, they took us to dinner at a cool place, Nona’s near the square in Springfield. The seats overlooked the kitchen and made for a cool atmosphere.