Corvin’s Birthday – 10/9/2012

My boy gets bigger every day. This year, we celebrated his 9th birthday at his grandparents house. they had a cake and he got to open his presents. While he likes toys, he sure knows the value of money!

We were also blessed to have his cousin, Mark over for the celebration. My kids like babies almost as much as I do!


Sonora’s 6th Birthday – 5/15/2012

Sonora wanted to have her birthday at her favorite place, Hammer’s (Formerly Incredible Pizza Company). The four of us went on Tuesday after work. It wasn’t too busy. Somehow our game cards got an hour of unlimited playing, due to a glitch in the system. So we made the most of it and played as many games as we could. We didn’t get tickets, but the kids didn’t seem to care since we played so many games. I enjoyed a few rounds of mini-golf with the family.


Corvin’s Birthday Weekend – 10.8.11

For Corvin’s birthday, his grandparents from Kansas City came in town. This ia always a treat for the kids. We normally go to KC to visit them. Grandparents were treated to two soccer games on Saturday morning. Corvin is quite the soccer player scoring a couple goals each game.

After the soccer games, we decided to take a private guided hike. Danelle’s work is closed to the public, but she was able to take us out to the property for a quiet hike. During the hike we saw a couple of wild turkeys and enjoyed the quiet.

After the hike we came back to my house to hang out. Steve, Jackie, and Nathan came over to visit/show off. Nathan was in top form drinking beer and generally being the center of attention!

Saturday night, we had Corvin’s family birthday party. Ok, we may have had the neighbor kids over as well. They feel like family as often as they hang out with us. As usual, Kelly ate volumes of desert, needing a serving bowl to hold all of it!

Mom is now a practicing vegan. It makes eating meals a bit harder, but I fully support her! So I made her a fruit plate for breakfast Sunday morning. 

The weekend was about the kids and Corvin, since it was his birthday. But whenever my parents are around, it feels like its a bit about me. Mom and dad always make me feel special when they are around and I truly appreciate it! I enjoyed the quick time they had with us and look forward to more birthdays in any city!


5.15 Sonora’s 5th Birthday

Sonora got her wish of having her birthday at Chuck E Cheese this year. It wasn’t one of those “official’ parties where they come out and sing to you, but just an informal gathering of family and friends. She got to have her cake and eat it too. One of the kids favorite rids is the helicopter that goes up and down. We made sure to help the little kids so they could experience it too. It was the perfect way to celebrate a 5 year old birthday.