Waterfall Upgrade – 1/30/2016

After the shelter fell, we took a few days to think what our next plan was. We decided to look into a RV trailer. After lots of looking and research, we ended up buying this 5th wheel.

Buying it was the easy part. But we then had to take numerous measurements to figure out how it was going to fit on our property. This one is a 5th Wheel, and we have nothing to pull it with and no plans to ever buy a truck that large. Now we had about 2 weeks to get out to Waterfall and pour concrete pads to support this monster. Cause once it gets delivered, its never moving!

Hogan Haake

Waterfall Shelter Fell – 1/21/2017

We made a trip out to Waterfall as we had not been there in over a month. There were mixed emotions as we pulled up to our shelter being knocked down.

I had mixed emotions about the shelter being knocked down. I wasn’t sure how we were ever going to make it stable. There were many things about the design I learned after messing it up and constructing it. One of the neighbors came over to tell us that 50mph winds came up the hill and knocked it right over.  Its better that it fell down before we had any more effort into it. Here are some more photos of what the wind did to our creation.

We didn’t have any tools when we were out. So Corvin and I went out the next day to disassemble all of the wood and stack it up. Its a lot of money invested in the lumber and we vowed to find another use for it at Waterfall.

Hogan Haake


Waterfall Shelter – 10/15/2016

Today is the big day!  Last night, I took the first half of lumber out to waterfall. It was questionable how fast I would be able to drive. I had the truck loaded in a way that could make me famous for stupidity. If this worked, I would repeat the same drive with a similar load (and it did work) as today was drive 2!

The long boards are 16 feet and the short one is just 10 feet!

Danelle drove the van out with other supplies.  Since I was going so slow, she had already unloaded everything before I arrived.  I was able to back straight up and had help unloading this time.  Right after unloading, I set up the time lapse camera so we could have footage of the whole thing!

The process started out very slow while we figured out what we were doing.  There was lots of measuring and double checking before the first poles went up. 

On the back side of the shelter, the posts were 8 feet high. In order to have a good view of the river and have the roof drain, we had a slightly higher set of posts in the front. 16 foot tall posts in the front. It all made sense on paper and in the hardware store, but seeing and erecting the first 16 foot section had me second guessing the idea.

Just after this photo, we stopped for lunch. Danelle and the kids went into town to get food and I stayed behind since all of our gear and tools were out and about. I used this time to start a fire and burn stuff cause its fun!

In order to reach the top of the posts, we ended up having to put the ladder on top of the truck bed and use straps to keep the ladder from sliding off down the hill!

Eventually we slid the roof support beams across to link the two together and start building stability.

I was getting to be a pro at the crooked ladder game towards the end going up and down with little care!

There were several sketchy parts, but the video below made it all seem so easy, I wish it was so!

Danelle and I worked tirelessly on this project with the kids pitching in. But they did have some extra time on their hands…



Hogan Haake and Sonora (guest typing)


Waterfall Preparation – 10/9/2016

We want to put up a shelter at Waterfall and figured it was a nice day to go and get some work done. We would start by getting rid of the junk at the property. We needed the truck for this, so Danelle and Sonora rode out in the truck while Corvin and I took the motorcycle.

Once there, we went to the old shed to clear it out as much as we could. We got the serious trash packed up and put into the truck to dispose of at home.

The shed will have to come down in the next year or two as its a safety hazard for sure! We took the things that may be useful and moved them towards where we would be building our shelter.

Eventually we ran out of room in the truck for the junk and decided to call it a day and head home. Our goal of a nice easy visit to improve the property was complete.

Hogan Haake