Waterfall Preparation – 10/9/2016

We want to put up a shelter at Waterfall and figured it was a nice day to go and get some work done. We would start by getting rid of the junk at the property. We needed the truck for this, so Danelle and Sonora rode out in the truck while Corvin and I took the motorcycle.

Once there, we went to the old shed to clear it out as much as we could. We got the serious trash packed up and put into the truck to dispose of at home.

The shed will have to come down in the next year or two as its a safety hazard for sure! We took the things that may be useful and moved them towards where we would be building our shelter.

Eventually we ran out of room in the truck for the junk and decided to call it a day and head home. Our goal of a nice easy visit to improve the property was complete.

Hogan Haake

Dad Returns Truck – 9/17/2016

Last year about this time, I lent my brother Herman my truck. I didn’t know how long he would have it, but I was willing to help him out of a bind. About a year later, he got his own truck and didn’t need mine anymore. I was quite excited to pick it up. Instead, dad surprised me by driving it to a meeting half way across the state. Then coming the rest of the way across to St. Louis to drop it off and have a weekend with us. Unfortunately for Sonora, she was at a Girl Scout camping trip and didn’t get to see Grandpa Monster at all.

After dad came in and got settled, he and Corvin played some music together! img_20160917_095628 img_20160917_095650

Saturday night, dad and I went out to hang out. Come Sunday, we had a very busy schedule. We started off going out to check out Waterfall, dad had never seen it before. On the way out, I though it would be need to show him some of the sites. Rockford beach park has a neat water feature that I though he would like.  On the way into the park, we found a nice turtle in the road.

img_20160917_114114 img_20160917_114133

I didn’t realize till we got closer that it was a snapping turtle! They not only look vicious, but it was fast and nearly jumped at us if we got too close. After a few moments, we drove away leaving it to do whatever they do all day long. The Big River was up, nearly flooding out the park, but it was still cool to see.


Eventually, Dad, Corvin, and I got to Waterfall and walked around. Dad even walked down the large hill to see it all!

img_20160917_122227_1 img_20160917_121356 img_20160917_122203

After we left Waterfall, we went to another bridge to look around and then headed home. Dad saw the signs for Lone Elk Park and we ended up taking a driving detour of the park. All this time, Corvin slept in the back seat.


Somehow we ended up at the Kirkwood Greentree festival next. We walked around and got food which made Corvin quite happy. Eventually we met up with Grandpa Henry and gave him a ride home, but not before eating a deep fried Twinkie!

img_20160917_145332 img_20160917_155443

Unfortunately, Sunday came too quickly and we dropped dad off at the Amtrak station to ride back to Kansas City. We had a fantastic time and already miss him!

img_20160918_092739 img_20160918_092742

Hogan Haake

Piers at Waterfall – 9/3/2016

We’ve decided to put up a picnic type shelter at Waterfall. We figure we’re more likely to go out and visit if we have a home base out there that is ready and waiting for us to use. The first step of this process is to go out and lay the foundation. The plan is to place 6 concrete piers in the ground to hold posts for the shelter.

Danelle and I started off in the morning with a visit to Home Depot to pick up a large auger to help make the job easier. I looked at a goofy tool when we pulled up and laughed cause I couldn’t figure out what it was for. Little did I know we would end up renting it. Its a large tow behind auger that is easier and larger to operate. Any large power tool is good in my book!

img_20160903_094458 img_20160903_102915

We also purchased the rest of the supplies like concrete and tubes while we were there. Now we set out to do some digging. What took the longest for this project was Danelle constantly measuring and leveling. While I appreciate this, it was frustrating for a guy that just wanted to play with the large power tool!

It didn’t take long and we were digging and sweating with more than we bargained for. We arrived at Waterfall around 11am and left around 5pm. A few breaks were taken, but we mostly worked. I’ll let the photos speak for the rest.


The whole family got into the auger.


Girl Power


Sometimes the rocks had to be broken up the hard way. This was not fun or easy!


Boy do I look fresh in this photo!


Did I mention the holes were deep?

img_20160903_123212 img_20160903_123237 img_20160903_123316 img_20160903_123554

Once the holes were dug, we had a huge sigh of relief. The concrete was going to be easy. I brought our generator along with the power drill and a long paddle to mix the concrete with. Unfortunately the drill burned out not even partway through mixing the first batch and it was hand mixing all of the concrete!

img_20160903_171119 img_20160903_170908 img_20160903_170920 img_20160903_170903

Eventually we were all done. Due to the wet concrete, we got creative to ensure that none of the hardware would sink down.

img_20160903_173250 img_20160903_173253

The best part about this project was being done and going home after a hard day’s work!

Hogan Haake

Motorcycle Inspection – 4/17/2016

My motorcycle was due for inspection to get new license plates. There are not nearly enough places that will inspect motorcycles in Missouri. So I went with a co-worker and his sister down to Surdyke Harley in Festus Missouri.  We always look for an excuse to ride and they had inspections on Saturday! Corvin wanted to go with me, so we rode down there. While we waited for the inspection, we of course walked the lot looking at some fantastic motorcycles and 4 wheelers!

IMG_20160417_093723 IMG_20160417_093814

After the successful inspection, we rode out to Waterfall for a quick look around.

IMG_20160417_103531 IMG_20160417_103523

Eventually it was time to head home, but a fun productive Saturday morning ride!

Hogan Haake

Waterfall – 3/26/2016

We went out to Waterfall to check out the spring plants and do some work. We decided to get rid of one of the outhouses and just have one that we would use. So Corvin and I pushed it down the hill to the road. There, Corvin broke it up as best as he could. The I carried it all up the hill so we could proceed to burn the wood. It took all day, but we’re making progress and cleaning up the place!

IMG_2455 IMG_2446 IMG_2450

Hogan Haake