November – 2018

Its getting cold, that means more time spent inside. We got the Christmas Tree up, then Corvin decided to decorate himself.

Then the fun began…

Corvin and I got in a few unicycle rides this month.

And also of interest, there was a surprise meeting series called the “Blueprint Series” started at work. They put signs up around office to announce it but would not tell us what it was. So I took a photo of one of the signs and started making my own rival signs, placing them up in the office. A few co-workers got in on it with me and we made our own fake posters…

Hogan Haake

Katy Trail Biking with Sonora – 5/8/2016

The summer is starting and I’m trying to get in lots of unicycle miles. I asked Corvin if he wanted to go with me, but he declined. I asked Sonora and to my surprise, she said yes. So we packed a bag for water and headed to the gas station. With gas, Gatorade, and some snacks, we headed out. I’ve been wanting to explore the Earth City Levee trail for some time.  The trail in St. Charles Missouri across from Frontier Park.


The trail is about 3 miles long and continues north, but we didn’t follow it that direction. I brought 2 unicycles with me for this ride, my new 36″ and my ole’ reliable 29″. This was my first lengthy ride on the 36 and it was certainly difficult, but I managed.


Flooding earlier in the year ate away at the trail and caused a detour.


Here is the other side of that detour. I’m glad we didn’t ignore the sign and keep going, it would have been a long and dangerous fall to the river!

After our ride on this trail, Sonora and I ate some snacks while I drove to the Katy Trail. Here, we continued our ride for about 7 ish more miles for an nice out and back ride. On this one, I took the 29 as I was getting tired. We ended up at the lowest point of the Katy Trail during our ride!


Sonora was a trooper for the day. We rode over 11 miles, a personal best for me on the unicycle!

Hogan Haake