Goodbye Truck – 5/13/2018

If you remember way back, I took a motorcycle trip to Colorado where I broke down. I purchased a truck and drove myself and the bike home. Now, almost 3 years later, it was time to part with the truck. Danelle used it for her PhD research and now the research part is over. So these are the last photos before it changes hands for a new adventure. Its been fun and frustrating at the same time!

Hogan Haake

Fixing the Truck – 11/7/2015

So my “new” truck was broke. Lucky for me, my college roommate, Sean came to the rescue. He and family came to St. Louis and picked up the truck, towing it back to Jefferson City. One week later, I’m in Jeff City with Sonora at his house working to pull the engine and put a “new” one in. We got to work, which really means Sean asks me to fetch tools and asks me to perform simple tasks that I’m not likely to mess up.

By the early afternoon, the engine is completely disconnected except for the connection to the transmission and a few mounts. Sean got under and started disconnecting the transmission. From under the truck I hear “this doesn’t look good”. This isn’t good as I purchased a engine and not a transmission. He removed the bell housing and came out from under the truck. There was a large crack in the bell housing and a bolt in it.

IMG_20151107_125019 IMG_20151107_125030


This is the extra bolt that broke my truck

So it turns out that there was an extra bolt in the bell housing that got caught between the flywheel and the housing. It made a lot of noise which is demonstrated from the clean scratches in the housing and the large crack. Added to the fact that the battery in the truck was almost dead, it couldn’t turn over, and it caused the issues.

With the bolt out, and checked to see it wasn’t missing, it was time to put everything back together. The whole event turned into a false alarm with me jumping to conclusions! Eventually Sean and I got the engine back together and mostly running. I would come back in a few weeks to pick it up and perform last minute checks!

Here is a time lapse of us working on the truck.

After working on the truck, Sonora’s day was made when she got to ride their horse, Star.


And finally, on the way home, we ate at Arby’s. Sean and I ordered from the hidden menu, both getting a Meat Mountain. It was too much!


Its fantastic having great friends that will help with anything they can! Thanks Sean and Jennifer for your help and your hospitality!

Hogan Haake


River Des Peres Trash Bash – 10/24/2015

This year for the annual River Des Peres Trash Bash, I decided to be a site leader. As a entry level leader, I took a smaller easier role, but made a difference. I was responsible for an area and lead a group of college volunteers from Iowa around to get the trash picked.  One of the girls found a dead snake, but didn’t want to keep it.


After we got our area cleaned up, we decided to go down to the Mississippi river and help another group. But before we loaded up, one of the college girls realized that she lost her cell phone. We looked for quite a while and never found it 🙁

Eventually, we headed out for the Mississippi to help on that site. It was cool working down by the big river cleaning up what we could. Then on the way back to the party, my “new” truck broke down. It made horrible sounds so I stopped. When I turned it off and then tried to start it, it wouldn’t. So I ended up calling a tow truck and waiting.


While Sonora and I waited for the tow truck, I sat in the bed while Sonora sat inside. I was amazed how many mindless drivers drove up to the back of the truck and stared at me waiting for me to move. Guess they didn’t notice the hazard lights flashing or the hood up.

Luck for us, we were on the route back to the park. Sonora got a ride to the party from some Streamteam people and I got a ride to the shop where I dropped off the truck, then back to the party. Meanwhile, Danelle was at Corvin’s soccer game.


Back at the party, I could only laugh at my misfortune while eating a nice catered lunch and listening to Jack and Tracey of The People’s play for the group.


Hopefully I’ll see you at the next Trash Bash, or even sooner at a smaller stream cleanup!

Hogan Haake

Truck Cleaning – 9/27/2015

So the new truck needed some love when I got home. It was many kinds of dirty! The seats were nasty and ripped. Danelle spent tons of time cleaning them first, then doing her best to patch them.

IMG_20150927_105611 IMG_20150927_125046 IMG_20150927_125138 IMG_20150927_125216 IMG_20150927_125241

I didn’t do a great job with before and after photos, but you are not going to get more dirty siting in the seats now. The jeans material in the cracks is designed to help prevent them from cracking anymore. Ultimately, I went back after a day and used a stronger glue.

Hogan Haake