109th Sunset Race – 12/14/2017

We had our December Sunset race, I was well prepared for the cold.

We had a fair number of paddlers show up which is amazing when its quite cold out. I ended up sharing a pair of gloves with Mark so he could feel his hands. Good thing my hands are not a sensitive to the cold!

Hogan Haake

October Sunset Race – 10/12/2017

Likely to be the last warm Sunset Race of the year, I made sure to get out there early and get a short unicycle ride in with the sunshine!

When I got back from my ride, I was in time to see JoJo getting her boat down from on top of her van. A feat that most need to see to believe!

What you can’t see in the photo are the steps in the side of the van she used to get up there. Either way, its a long way up for transporting a boat!

Hogan Haake

June Sunset Race #103 – 6/8/2017

The June Sunset race was planned to go downstream from our normal starting place and paddle to a marina where we would get beer and then paddle back. Apparently paddlers like beer, because this was our largest turnout ever! I’m super happy people came out to paddle with us. Remember that we paddle year round and always get beer after we paddle!

Hogan Haake

March Sunset Race – 4/13/2017

The March Sunset race had some first time participants. Allan and Molly, friends of Danelle from school, came out to paddle. I brought a canoe and all of the other paddling equipment for them. Unfortunately for me, they were about 30 minutes late. So I stayed behind for the start of the race until they were available.

Eventually, they made it out and I got about half of my normal paddle in. We all went to the bar to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Hogan Haake