April Sunset Race – 4/16/2016

I’m a bad man. It was time for the Sunset Race and I decided to take our new boat out. Danelle won the boat in a raffle, but has never paddled it. The boat was sitting out in the yard and seemed as easy as any to pack up and take out. IMG_20160414_183502

The race was a two boat affair including Dan Prater in his Epic V7.


It didn’t take Dan long to pull away from us in his fast boat. So we continued upstream in a slow and steady pace. Hugging the shore to maximize our effort, we came across a drainage thing that was full of wood. I reached in and pulled a few pieces out before Jo suggested there could be an animal in there waiting to get out. It was comical how quickly I pulled away and abandoned trying to help. IMG_20160414_191822

We also came upon a strange green ground that we didn’t understand. So we photographed it to ask questions later.


Danelle let us know it was for reseeding the area in an attempt to prevent erosion. Overall a great paddle and we enjoyed it getting warmer outside!

Hogan Haake

Sunset Race – 2/11/2016

A perfect day for a February float on the Meramec with our monthly Sunset Race. JoJo was coming with me and there was just a touch of snow on the ground. Ok, and maybe it was very cold outside!


Of course you need fuel to stay warm, and I found the perfect thing. A bag of donuts with maple syrup, perfect for us!!!


On review, both Jo and I liked them, hopefully we’ll be able to find them in the future for races!

The river was perfect and the water was clear for a great paddle! IMG_20160211_172746 IMG_20160211_172757

Hogan Haake