St. Louis Mardi Gras – 2/25/2017

I’ve been to Mardi Gras too many times, and this is just one more. I’m the bridge between two groups that all come together to get drunk and walk the streets. This year, Hanna’s friend Jen came to join our crew. The first step is always getting in costume. After the pink suit I wore last year, most of the group wanted in. Cory came to the rescue getting us jump suits and iron on patches so we could become the Ghost Busters.

With costumes on, we went for lunch before heading out to the party. Its fun to go in costume and gets looks!

Once properly fed, we took the Metrolink down to the party. This gave us a chance to mingle and warm up to the party, and time to sober up on the way home. Here are a few photos from Mardi Gras itself. We got a lot of “Who ya gonna call” yelled to our group and requests for photos.

Towards the end of the evening after a few too many libations, Cory bet us he could walk right up on a stage and touch the balloons. We didn’t think he could/would.

He is in the orange jacket going up the stairs in the photo. Not only did he go up and touch the balloons, he got them to play the (our) theme song for the movie Ghostbusters!

It got dark and cold quickly and our group was loosing conscious thought quickly. A stop to the bathrooms, then we could leave.

Every year when I write up my thoughts and recap the event, I wonder why I do it. But every January, I start asking my group who is coming with me.

Hogan Haake

Mardi Gras – 2/14/2015

Another bitter cold year celebrating Mardi Gras in St. Louis. Joe, Ryan, Jeff, and I left the metro station on Valentines day for this celebration. We got downtown and began the long walk to Soulard. It didn’t take long for Joe to get hungry and he started with some amazing BBQ.

IMG_20150214_130855It looked and smelled great, but I wasn’t interested in the mess it would likely make in my hands.

While hanging out near the food place and one of using the restroom, we had our first experience of the day. I heard a commotion and turned to find two guys in the same portable toilet. The guy sitting down is sitting down asleep/drunk while the other guy is using the urinal. Eventually, the drunk guy woke up with enough prodding and stumbled around for a while.


I’m amazed by the behind the scenes of events like this and stopped to photograph a mobile wireless station to handle the extra people. I would have been happy to tour this instead of the party, but that wasn’t an option.


With the massive cold outside, we didn’t stay that long. Here, I encountered something crazy. The bar Social House had a large party going on. They are known for body paint and the girls were out in just body paint. I’m not sure how they did it as cold as it was…

IMG_20150214_160751 IMG_20150214_161001

Something new every year!

Hogan Haake

Mississippi Rising – 3/12/2013

I love paddling and I work in downtown St. Louis. I started in October of last year and my building overlooks the Mississippi river. I’ve been watching the river level for some time, but its spring and the river is unpredictable. The river has been low all winter, but some weekend storms brought it back to its full glory. In a matter of 5 days, the river has risen 23 feet.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention and I don’t have before photos, but I do have current photos of where the river is at as of lunch today.

Before the 23 feet of water coming up, there was about 120 extra feet of shore next to the river.