Herman Graduation – 12/30/2016

While we were in KC for Christmas,  we realized that we would be coming back a week later for Herman’s Graduation from the police academy. The kids asked if they could stay for the week and I asked mom. She was delighted at having the kids for the week and said she would take care of their laundry and have a great time. Everybody was excited with this arrangement. Danelle and I enjoyed our few days off from being parents, but we were happy to come back and see the kids!

Every good party has great food and cake and this was no exception. The cake was custom made with Herman’s face on it.

The food was quite good too. Dianna, one of Hannah’s friends couldn’t get enough of it!

We came in town in time to be of some help before Herman’s party. Since we’re Haake’s, we have a sense of humor. We got 36 glazed donuts for a game during the party (with Herman’s blessing). Eventually party time came and lots of people came over to celebrate.

Everybody worked down to the basement for the donut/Piñata game. Here, people were handcuffed with real handcuffs and blindfolded. Then they had to eat a donut hanging from a string. Its much harder than it looks. Half the fun was viewing the different methods for eating a moving donut.

 And if you still are not sure, watch the video below to see Corvin and Dan Haake try it out.

Hogan Haake

Preparing for the Science Fair – 12/16/2016

Sonora decided that she wanted to participate in the science fair this year. She teamed up with her friend, Ella. It was decided that they would come to our house and perform the experiments. They were observing different candy (Mentos) being dropped into Diet Coke.  First stop was to shop for supplies!

Back at home, they wanted to make cup cakes since Ella was spending the night.

Shortly before it was time for Ella to be picked up, we decided it would be best to perform the experiments. First the supplies!

They decided to try peppermint candy, Skittles, and Mentos. The peppermint wouldn’t fit in the bottle without some modifications…

Once broken up, the were able to get film of each candy being dropped in.

Most interesting to me was that each candy caused fizzing of the Diet Coke to one degree or another.  Somewhere there is footage of the experiments. They girls also tried Mentos in their mouth followed by drinking Diet Coke. The results were comical! Unfortunately they didn’t finish writing up their project in time, but they still had fun!

Hogan Haake

Christmas Lights With Friends – 12/7/2016

Laura wanted to check out Tilles Park’s Winter Wonderland. We decided it would be best to visit on a carriage. So we split a large carriage and invited Josh and Jen to join us. We all met early as we were quite excited to get our ride. The kids were super excited and we all bundled up for the cold.

Once we got started, we had quite conversation as we took in all of the lights around us. Its impossible to get a good photo from a phone, but here is an idea.

After viewing the lights, we had everyone over to our house for dinner. Its amazing how much you can prepare for a group in a hurry. Luckily the house didn’t burn down while we were gone with the ham in the oven.

Hogan Haake



Chain of Rocks Ride – 12/3/2016

I wanted to ride the Chain of Rocks bridge for some time and the weather was decent. I packed up Corvin and Sonora along with snacks and hot chocolate and set out. Corvin had spent the night at a friend’s house and didn’t sleep much that night. By the time we got to the parking lot, he was sleeping. He asked me if he could just sleep in the van while we biked. I wasn’t to be deterred, so I pestered him till he woke up. I told him he could sleep on the drive back home!

We loved going across the river on the bridge, but I made the kids keep going. I told them we could slow down and really look on the way back. So we continued on. Looking back at the photos, it was a bit colder than I realized!

I wanted to go farther, but the kids were fighting. We ended up stopping around the 4 mile mark for snacks and hot chocolate. Of course the kids were happy for this moment!

So on the way back, the kids had the most fun on the bridge! We may have held a spitting contest down to the water, but I’m not telling…

Hogan Haake