Heather and Keith Wedding – 6/17/2018

Its Saturday and it is going to be a very long day. I’ve been resting from my last week paddling the Texas Water Safari. Both of the kids are at Camp Lakewood and we have to pick them up. So Danelle and I start the drive early packed for a wedding and headed to camp to pick up the kids. They both had a fantastic week but were ready to see us again. They knew we were going to a wedding, but also wanted to go home.

We drove about 2 hours south to Sikeston, MO where the wedding was held. There, we checked into the Drury inn and met several of our college friends. It didn’t take long before we were all in a caravan headed to Lambert’s Cafe for lunch. It always seems like a good idea to eat there. The portions are huge and non-stop, but its also just a little off. It isn’t somewhere I would want to eat at more than once every few years. Add to that the long line to get in and I’ve made my point.

With bellies full, we went back to the hotel to change into wedding attire. Then we were off to see Heather marry Keith. The ceremony was great, but boy were the kids tired!

The most important photo of the whole event is below, the group with Heather and Keith.



Back Row: Kendal, Danelle, Hogan, Keith, Sean, Mike Front Row: Candy, Melanie, Heather, Jennifer, Dawn

After the reception ended, we went back to the Drury Inn. There, we swapped stories and emptied beers till the wee hours of the morning.

Hogan Haake



Walking To The Bank – 4/17/2018

Spring is here, and we needed to get out of the house. I had a few checks to take to the bank, so I brought the whole family along. Its a little over a mile walk to the bank. The kids were not completely into the walk, but I found ways to entertain them.

And how did I entertain them? With a phone booth… Not that they really knew what it was.

Hogan Haake


2 Cellos – 1/29/2018

For Christmas, we got family tickets to see 2 Cellos. With both of the kids in orchestra, we though this would be a nice treat. The concert was at the Fox theater, which is also cool.

Here is a short video near the end of the concert.

I left the concert with mixed feelings. I was hoping for more of an orchestra approach. The concert started with an orchestra and quickly transitioned to the video above with the 2 dudes and a drummer. I’m glad to say I went, but don’t plan to attend any more of their concerts. They did play a minor version of Thunderstruck (the video that made them famous).

Hogan Haake

New Bathroom Light – 1/27/2018

One of the lights in the kids bathroom went out. So I made a trip to Lowe’s to get a replacement bulb. Once I installed the bulb, it didn’t work. I was only halfway surprised as the box didn’t look in great shape. So I returned it and bought two new bulbs, as another would eventually go out and I wanted to have one on hand.

When I put the new bulb in, there was still no light. So I replaced the working light into the broken side and it still didn’t work. I realized at this point that the ballast went out. It was time to get a new light. I had to work fast as my parents were coming in town later that day and I wanted a working light in the bathroom.

Danelle and I picked out a nice fixture that would support standard bulbs to save money. We could then put in LED bulbs and be good for a very long time. We decided to treat the kids and get them a Bluetooth bulb for listening to music.

When we got home, I promptly went to work taking the old fixture down. I figured this would be a 45 minute job to replace the lights. Unfortunately for me, the builder didn’t put a box behind the light, so there was nothing to attach the new light to. Additionally, we didn’t paint behind the light… So off I went to Ace Hardware to get an “Old Box” to install so we would have something to attach the new light to.

One of the fun things of working in a room with no windows or lights is trying to see anything. We deployed two different flashlights to see what was going on.

The project was finally finished and we had a new light installed. Now all we need to do is re-paint the whole bathroom as we don’t have any more of the paint!

On the bright side, when we showed Sonora the new fixture, Danelle was already streaming music from the Bluetooth light bulb. Danelle turned the music up and down on her phone and Sonora could not figure out where it was coming from. The kids were delighted with the upgrade and you can see much better in the bathroom.

Ohh, and per request, the finished product.

Note the light on the right looks different, because its the Bluetooth speaker light.

Hogan Haake