Heather and Keith Wedding – 6/17/2018

Its Saturday and it is going to be a very long day. I’ve been resting from my last week paddling the Texas Water Safari. Both of the kids are at Camp Lakewood and we have to pick them up. So Danelle and I start the drive early packed for a wedding and headed to camp to pick up the kids. They both had a fantastic week but were ready to see us again. They knew we were going to a wedding, but also wanted to go home.

We drove about 2 hours south to Sikeston, MO where the wedding was held. There, we checked into the Drury inn and met several of our college friends. It didn’t take long before we were all in a caravan headed to Lambert’s Cafe for lunch. It always seems like a good idea to eat there. The portions are huge and non-stop, but its also just a little off. It isn’t somewhere I would want to eat at more than once every few years. Add to that the long line to get in and I’ve made my point.

With bellies full, we went back to the hotel to change into wedding attire. Then we were off to see Heather marry Keith. The ceremony was great, but boy were the kids tired!

The most important photo of the whole event is below, the group with Heather and Keith.



Back Row: Kendal, Danelle, Hogan, Keith, Sean, Mike Front Row: Candy, Melanie, Heather, Jennifer, Dawn

After the reception ended, we went back to the Drury Inn. There, we swapped stories and emptied beers till the wee hours of the morning.

Hogan Haake



December 2011

The kids are getting huge, but also more adorable. Sonora is cute as a button and still cuddles with her parents!

We went to a baby shower for Kurt and Mandy that was family and man friendly. We’re excited to see their little one that is due soon. One of their family members is a great face painter and got her brush on the kids. Sonora looks cute while Corvin is slightly scary.

I did the first white elephant with my employer that I have ever done. I ended up with a new crazy wig, and I think it looks good on me. Now I just need to learn to play the electric guitar!

I have mentioned before that I’m into magnets. I have them all over the ceiling at work. But there are a few places that I can’t get to, so I found a lady at work that was willing to to climb on top of my desk to and put up magnets. Thanks to Andrea for being a good sport!

Finally, the other interesting thing that happened this month was visiting with Sean, Jennifer and family. They came to St. Louis for something and met up with us. We went to their hotel and spent a few hours in the indoor/outdoor pool.