Mud Run – 5/19/2018

Its been 3 years, but Deck Commerce returned to the Mud Run. This is to be the last Mud run at The Battlegrounds as they are converting the course to a Tough Mudder event. I can tell a difference as the course has changed and several more difficult obstacles were present this year. We didn’t bring any cameras with us this year so we could focus on the event. Straight to the photos of the event!

Kris Ninnis riding piggy back (on me) for the camera

Krista Goldman, Brian Eiswirth, and Hogan

Krista Goldman and Brian Eiswirth

Chris Deck (the owner of Deck Commerce) and Hogan dabbing as they jump 15 feet down into water.

Krista Goldman about to get more wet.

Brad Pagel embracing every part of the run!



The group from left to right Back: Brad Pagel, Chris Deck, Hogan Haake, Jesse Pettis, Kris Ninnis, Brandon Chism Front: Krista Goldman, Joe (Chris’s father in law), Brian Eiswirth

Its worth noting that Joe (front middle) is over 70 years old and kept up with the rest of us!

Hogan Haake

Chicken and Waffle Day – 6/23/2017

Our second Chicken and Waffle day at the office was a success. We started early with mimosas.

Before long it was lunch time and we fired up three waffle irons and three deep fryers. One of the deep fryers didn’t work, so we were down to two. To speed up the process this year, we purchased breaded chicken tenders. Then fried great and saved tons of time. Nobody left hungry and there were plenty of leftovers!

Adam and Jesse getting ready.

Kris preparing to deep fry some Twinkies, Oreos, and pickles.

No, its not a selfie! Kristen is taking a photo of the room.

Darth Vader shaped waffle with chicken on it.

Dan getting ready to eat.

Several toppings to choose from.

Ann waiting for a deep fried treat!

Jesse had somewhere to be, so he made a to-go plate!

Brandon getting ready to eat.

Daniel burned his hand on the fryer.

Hogan Haake

Unicycles and Half Donuts – 8/11/2015

I occasionally leave a unicycle in the office. Today, Chad LaCroix gave it a go. While he wasn’t a natural, I wasn’t worried that he was going to fall right over and hurt himself!

IMG_20150811_134949 IMG_20150811_135054

On the other side of the office, we have people cutting donuts in half. We made sure to get photos because Josh Hunt finds it annoying that anybody would leave half a donut in the box. We have to have fun in the office!


Cutting a Donut

IMG_20150812_081904 Cutting a Donut


Hogan Haake