Dev Up Conference 10/9/2018

My employer was kind enough to sponsor part of the DevUp conference this year. Additionally, they sent the whole development staff for professional development.

It didn’t take long for us to get seats and get comfortable for the opening Keynote about the future of technology.

Maggie on my right.

Jeff on my left.

They went all out on the opening this year. With a talk about the future, it just made sense to have a DeLorean there!

Of course, it wasn’t all learning, we did stop to have some fun!

Chad showing that cutout what real muscles look like!

A couple of beers!

This was a HUGE Foosball table, we had at least 12 people playing and still had to move to different positions to cover them all!

Chocolate covered bacon, does it get any better?

I did pretty good at this blackjack table. It may have had something to do with the way the dealer dealt his face down card… You would have looked too if it meant winning 🙂

Overall it was a pretty good conference. I had lots more photos including one of a sleeping co-worker. But some people are over sensitive so some things will just have to be remembered!

Ohh, one last note, if you’re reading my blog and you run a conference center (yeah, like anybody is reading this crap), please put your screens up higher. If you’re sitting in the back, important pieces of a visual just become the back of people’s heads!

Hogan Haake



Office Antics – 9/13/2018

Its been a while since I’ve talked about my office. We’ve had lots of new people, so it was time to bring a unicycle back into the office. There were not as many takers and I had trouble getting shots.

Dave did give it his best shot and did decent.

The real reason for the fun is because Maggie became a US citizen, so we decided to celebrate! Starting by decorating her office!

And finally some cake!

Hogan Haake

Kelly Clarkson – 8/14/2018

Being a software developer, its almost expected that I’m a little weird or eccentric. I embrace this to make my job more enjoyable. One of the ways I do this is by keeping a theme. I got my theme of “Kelly Clarkson” from the move 40 Year Old Virgin. When Steve Carell’s character was getting his chest waxed…

So I’ve been adding Kelly Clarkson references in my code, test data, and screen shots for a while now. So I had a day off work and my co-workers took the opportunity to enhance my Kelly Clarkson. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but this is my desk!

Look and you can see the photo of Steve Carell from 40 Year Old Virgin in the photo below.

Hogan Haake

Chicken and Waffle Day – 7/19/2018

Our Chicken and Waffle tradition continues at work. We’ve done it a few times in the past. Generally it makes the whole office smell like deep fried food, but its worth it. I’ll just show a few photos of what happened.

Brad caught with food in his mouth.

I never listen to signs! On a side note, the air fryer is amazing. It was 90% of the taste of the deep fried chicken!

Prepping the fryer.

Kristen getting ready for the perfect marketing photo.

Jesse never wastes any time getting a plate of food.

Mmmmm, gravy.


Noooooo, you have to deep fry it first!

Who can resist a deep fryed Twinkie?

There is that perfect marketing shot!

Perfect plate of food!

Deep fried pickles are a thing…

Hogan Haake



Mud Run – 5/19/2018

Its been 3 years, but Deck Commerce returned to the Mud Run. This is to be the last Mud run at The Battlegrounds as they are converting the course to a Tough Mudder event. I can tell a difference as the course has changed and several more difficult obstacles were present this year. We didn’t bring any cameras with us this year so we could focus on the event. Straight to the photos of the event!

Kris Ninnis riding piggy back (on me) for the camera

Krista Goldman, Brian Eiswirth, and Hogan

Krista Goldman and Brian Eiswirth

Chris Deck (the owner of Deck Commerce) and Hogan dabbing as they jump 15 feet down into water.

Krista Goldman about to get more wet.

Brad Pagel embracing every part of the run!



The group from left to right Back: Brad Pagel, Chris Deck, Hogan Haake, Jesse Pettis, Kris Ninnis, Brandon Chism Front: Krista Goldman, Joe (Chris’s father in law), Brian Eiswirth

Its worth noting that Joe (front middle) is over 70 years old and kept up with the rest of us!

Hogan Haake