Science Center with Nathan – 2/20/2016

So the real reason Hannah and mom came into St. Louis for the weekend was for a school project. Hannah needed to observe a small child for her teaching. Of course I offered Nathan up with his Steve and Jackie’s permission. So we “rented” him for a few hours at the science center. Kalie and Shelby tagged along but did their own thing while we were in there.


Hannah split her time between interacting with Nathan and taking notes and photos for class.  Of course, it wasn’t all work, we made sure to have fun while there!

DSCN0271 DSCN0273 IMG_20160220_162353 IMG_20160220_170231

Hogan Haake

Babysitting Nathan – 9/8/2012

Steve and Jackie wanted a night out and I wanted to see my buddy, Nathan. So they brought him over for a night of fun at “Uncle” Hogan’s house. Nathan was ready for me, cause he is walking all over the place now!

The lovely couple looked ready to go, but like all first time parents, had lots of information to help us out Sealed

Nathan seemed to have a great time. He only left me one stinky diaper and went right to sleep. Truly a fun age!


Steve and Nathan – 4/15/12

We spent an afternoon with Steve and Nathan just catching up. Now that Steve lives a bit farther away than next door, I don’t see him as much. And Nathan is growing up so fast!

After driving them around for a while, we ended up at Danelle’s parent’s house. It was a pleasant afternoon of catching up with a good friend and “my baby”.


Baby Time With Nathan – 8.20.11

The family went over to Steve and Jackie’s house to visit. Honestly, I just wanted baby time. So I quickly took Nathan and held him as much as I could.

Of course no trip anywhere could be complete without Corvin or myself doing something crazy. Use the photo below to set the scene…

In the basement of the house, Corvin and Sonora are sitting nicely and getting along. Corvin has the Nintendo DS, so he is happy. They are pleasantly taking turns, so I’m a happy parent. Corvin inquires “Steve, does Jackie have a DS?”. Steve responds “Yes she does, its somewhere upstairs. Not wanting the kids to mess up somebody else’s DS (cause they can be rough on them), I said, “Corvin, you can’t have it cause its in Jackie’s underwear drawer.” Without missing a beat, Corvin responded “I want to stick my face in there!”.

This caused much laughter and I like telling the story. I’m not sure where he got the idea, but its funny. Crazy kids!