2016 MR340

I participated in my 5th MR340 race this year. I’ve written extensively about my experiences in the past. Danelle posted our progress during the race. This year I’ve waited a long time after the race and much of it is a blur. Here is some of what I remember.

While shopping for some supplies, I found a PFD that would be horrible for the race.


Since I’m running the RaceOwl website, I wanted to get to the race check in early and be available to help fellow racers set up their software. Of course, this meant that we would drop off the boat and walk around taking lots of photos first. I didn’t realize till we got there that Danelle had never been there for the start of the race or the check in process before.


Admiring one of the many safety boats.


A 4 person pedal drive boat. About 40 feet long with outriggers for balance.


JoJo and Stacey admiring the boats.


Another view of the 4 person pedal drive boat. Started life as a rowing scull.


Its raining boats!


The large red one in the back is a custom 4 person SUP board.


A 6 person boat, paddled by women from Texas. They won first place overall!


Home build boats by Mark and Nancy Fish.

img_20160718_170352 img_20160718_170431 img_20160718_170747 img_20160718_171031 img_20160718_173311 img_20160718_173321 img_20160718_173530 img_20160718_173533

Shortly after we left Miami, Missouri we encountered a storm. Like most storms of consequence, it caught us off guard and nearly flipped us. We managed to fight the wind from the middle of the river over to the shore. There, we spent 23 minutes waiting for it to clear before continuing on.

In the aftermath of the storm, the sky was amazing!

img_20160719_192611 img_20160719_192615 img_20160719_192624 img_20160719_192633 img_20160719_192635 img_20160719_192636

Anyway, that is the end of the race photos! After the race, I had some fantastic blisters on my hands!

img_20160721_195215 img_20160721_195204

Like many things in life, the photos don’t do them justice. My hands peeled for about 2 months after the race, but it was totally worth it!

Hogan Haake

Hermann to St. Charles – 7/10/2016

This is our last big training run before this year’s MR340 race. I decided to do a full test of my 3 camera system and got it on video.

I wish I was better with names, cause training partners/groups make the whole thing worthwhile.


Mike in the back and can’t remember the guy in front.


JoJo up front.


Terica on the left and Andy on the right in orange.


A selfie with Hogan showing the rear camera.


Twin front and back cameras from the middle of the boat.


Hogan Haake

Missouri River 340 Race – 2016

Hogan Haake and Jo Newbold are participating in Mixed Tandem for the MR340 race this year. They start at 8 am Tuesday July 19th, 2016. They are listed as boat #0306, team “Donut & Maple Syrup”. The team name comes from their respective nutrition needs. Hogan prefers good old fashioned junk food, but always donuts for breakfast! Jo on the other hand focuses on whole body health. She plans to go downriver on a mix of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and Maple Syrup.

In order to have everything they need for the race, their faithful ground crew of Danelle Haake (Hogan’s wife) and Dan Haake (Hogan’s Dad) will follow them along the river in the van, meeting them at each checkpoint. Without this support, the race would be significantly more difficult.


Spot Tracker: If you want to follow Donut & Maple Syrup, check out our Spot Tracker page which is updated every 10 minutes.

Race Tracker: If you want to see the overall field, go to RaceOwl.com.


Checkpoint Checkpoint
Kansas City 0 0 8 am Tuesday 8/12/14 8 am
Lexington 50 50 3:15 pm Tuesday 2:40pm
Waverly 23 73 6:45 pm Tuesday 5:45 pm
Miami 32 105 11:25 pm Tuesday 10:45 pm
Glasgow 36 141 4:45 am Wednesday 4:34 am
Katfish Katy’s 46 187 11:30 pm Wednesday 11:15 am
Jeff City 36 223 4:45 pm Wednesday 4:34 pm
Hermann 46 269 11:25pm am Wedmesday 11:15 pm
Klondike 42 311 4:25 am Thursday 6:10 am
St. Charles/Finish 27 338 10 am Thursday(50 hr) 9:48 am

Video of our race:

Race Updates:

We did it! We had 4 goals for the race and met 3 of them.

  1. Finish in under 50 hours. This was done with a finish of 49:48
  2. Beat Di McHenry. We did this by a few hours. She is a good friend and a great racer.
  3. Be in the top 25 finishers. We finished 10th overall, its still hard to believe!
  4. Get first in mixed tandem. We didn’t get this again. We were 38 minutes short of the first place boat!

Missouri River 340 – 7/31/2015

I love paddling the MR340 race, but it didn’t work out this year. Instead, I re-worked the race tracking site RaceOwl. In order to ensure the site worked good, I sat on the sidelines and babysat the website. I’m glad I did as there were a few hiccups that needed to be worked out.

As a bonus, I got to follow my favorite racers and friends down the river electronically. I tried to get to the finish line in time to see JoJo finish, but I was about 5 minutes late. IMG_20150730_064344

She was surprised to see me at the finish line, but I had to run to work as this was around 6:30am. I came back for the awards ceremony to see all of the goodness. Of course I left work early to ride my unicycle on the Katy Trail first!

IMG_20150731_145835 IMG_20150731_134949

IMG_20150731_172625 IMG_20150731_164828

Look at all the mud from the area being flooded.

Look at all the mud from the area being flooded.

I ended up staying for the last paddler to come in before heading home, ending an amazing race even if I wasn’t racing!



Hogan Haake

7/3/2014 – KC For The MR340

I was signed up for the MR340 race. it was set to start on Tuesday 7/8. I have family in KC and decided to visit for Independence Day. It wouldn’t require any extra time off work, so it was perfect. We loaded the boat on the van and took off after work on Thursday.


Everything was going according to plan. We celebrated Independence day with my parents and extended family, viewing fireworks and enjoying all of their company. Of course, the race was always on my mind and family asked me about it, but I was ready. I may have had time to pick up some fireworks with Hiatt.

IMG_20140704_155038 IMG_20140704_155046 IMG_20140704_175957

Saturday passed quickly. On Sunday, I got disturbing news. The race was postponed 1 day due to flooding concerns. Instead of starting on Tuesday morning, it would start on Wednesday morning. Not sure what to do with myself and the extra time, I decided to make a trip to Kaw Point, the start of the race to see the water for myself. I talked my brother Herman into coming with me to look at the river. IMG_20140706_173547 IMG_7104 IMG_7108

We had a good time getting down to the waterfront to see the water. The river was quite up. There were not many places to hang out once a boat was launched for the race. I was slightly worried, but the river always has a way of working things out. We decided to walk around Kaw point and just see what there was to see. As we walked upstream along the Missouri, we came upon a tower. It was attached to a grain elevator, used to move grain from the river. Herman wasn’t up for climbing, but I couldn’t resist the view!

IMG_20140706_174707 IMG_20140706_175239 IMG_20140706_175341 IMG_20140706_175355

All I could do was wait on Monday was wait as the race was not happening on Tuesday. It was decided to take the kids to Lego Land and hang out till the race on Wednesday. IMG_20140707_125121 IMG_20140707_130942

In the middle of our visit to Lego Land, I got a call from my paddling partner, Jo Newbold. She told me that the race was postponed for a month due to flooding. I had so many emotions going through me at this point. I told her we would talk later. I conveyed the information to DanelleĀ  and went off on my own. It took me about 30 minutes to come to terms with the decision.

Danelle and I started talking about plans and worked out a way that I could participate in the postponed race provided my employer would modify my time off. To additionally distract me, we built a large fort out of over sized Lego blocks.


What turned out to be a potentially depressing turn of events became an opportunity for more river training and coming together to make a race happen. I can’t fully express how grateful I am for my family and friends to help me get past the postponement of my race and scheduled up for the delayed one!

After we got home from the Lego Land event, Danelle and I quickly packed up the boat and our stuff, and left the kids behind. We went back to St. Louis to avoid using any more days off. Back to work the following day to prepare and plan.

Hogan Haake