August Sunset Race – 8/8/2019

August celebrated our 129th Sunset Race on the second Thursday of the month. This month, we were going downstream from Greentree ramp in Kirkwood to the Meramec Marina. There, we’ll tie up the boats and get some pizza and beer before heading back upstream. Eight paddlers made the trip. its always interesting taking over the marina tying upĀ  boats anywhere we can get space.

Look closely and you’ll actually see three kayaks in this photo.

Bernie didn’t waste any time getting to his beer. His shirt is soaked from the workout, so its okay.

Melissa has never been here before and loves the vibe!

Jason behind the umbrella post, Jay, and JoJo.

Melissa wanted to see how to get from the marina to land, and loves it.

Overview of the marina.

Looking upriver on the way back. JoJo is in the middle with Melissa in front of the canoe. We had a fun time chatting and paddling.

The Sunset Race is always a blast. Join us any time and paddle with friends!

Hogan Haake


July Sunset Race (116th) – 7/12/2018

The 116th Sunset Race was set to go downriver to the Meramec Marina. The race would be 12 days before the MR340, so I hoped to see several paddlers out for a fun training run before the race. Several of my favorite people where here to paddle!

I brought two boats tonight. The kayak is for Megan to paddle, and I get the treat of having Danelle in the boat with me tonight!

Bernie looking dapper as ever!

Jon Marble getting ready to paddle.

Megan and Danelle getting ready.

Brian Waldrop checking out his outrigger.

With all of these boats, its always a challenge to tie up at the marina, but we’ve always found a way!

Megan coming down the dock.

Brian and Jon tying up their boats.

Bernie, Brian, and Danelle sharing a joke.

What a fantastic group of people and a great night for paddling!

Hogan Haake




Meramec Marina – 6/18/2016

The Meramec Marina is a hidden gem in the St. Louis area. Its on the Meramec river near George Winter park on Highway 30 (Gravois).


One of the things that makes the marina so great is that we can paddle to it. From where I typically put in on the river, its a 4 mile paddle downriver. Of course, what would a marina be without beer and pizza. So when we visit, we get a beer and pizza to celebrate getting there. Its got a pretty laid back atmosphere. I think they’re always a little surprised to see a canoe pull up and tie off to stay for a bit.

There isn’t much about it online, so here are a few photos of it for you’re viewing pleasure.


There is no railing on one side of the stairs and the river level changes, so be careful!


The platform leading up to the parking lot.


Looking from the parking lot to the marina.


It looks unstable, but it doesn’t move when walking on it. Just the same, its best not to look down!


Lots of boats docked here during the summer. I hear there is a waiting list, but I don’t have a motorboat, so I’ve not asked.


The building with the bar!


Looking down the steps.


Hogan Haake

Training on the Meramec – 5/2/2015

Danelle and I are participating in the South Dakota Kayak Challenge at the end of the month.Its a 72 mile race and this is our first real training run. The plan was that I would do the Mud Run in the morning, come home and get ready, then drop the kids off at Grandma’s house and paddle. I finished the Mud run and came home. We loaded up the boat and the kids and went out as planned.

Danelle and I got the boat on the river and set off downriver to the Meramec Marina for dinner and beer.

IMG_20150502_183532 IMG_20150502_180418 IMG_20150502_180652

It was very shallow to get in and out of the marina, but the beer and pizza were worth it. Once out, we started paddling harder to ensure we got some miles in.

In the end, we figured out what worked for us and knew that we could work together to accomplish the distance we need for our race. We got in 11.3 miles and I was completely beat after the day’s activities!

Hogan Haake