Family Campout – 9/20/2014

Like many families, we don’t seem to get together often enough. In an attempt to remedy that, we planned an extended family campout. The plan was to meet at Pomme de Terre State Park on Friday night and hang out till Sunday. Of course even with a family campsite, plans get in the way. Danelle had something going on and couldn’t make the campout, and Sonora choose to go to a Girl Scout campout with her friends. So instead, it was just Corvin and I for this trip.

I left work early (about 2:30) and went home. There I hooked up the camper and finished loading supplies. Then I went to pick up Corvin from school and head out to our adventure. I was slightly worried how the weekend would go because Corvin had just gotten braces the day before and would  have issues eating things as his teeth would be sore. I kept him full of ibuprofen per the doctor’s orders. It took a few tries to find something that he wanted to eat on the drive down.

Just past Rolla, MO, we turned off the major highway and started the windy 2 lane highway that would lead us to the campsite. I learned quickly that the new short antenna I put on my van only picks up radio signals if you’re in town. So the choices of things to listen to were limited to regional high school football game, and even that came in and out as we traversed the hills.

I thought we might be the first people to the campsite as we left early from home. I was right. We pulled into the park and the site and the corresponding ones were empty. It was just dusk when we pulled up, but that was fine with me. Well, except for the fact that the sites didn’t look like the map that I looked at online. This isn’t terribly uncommon, but it just didn’t feel right.

I had talked to Hiatt earlier on the drive and I expected him to show up and he hadn’t made it when I expected him. So I disconnected the camper and drove around every loop in the campsite. He was nowhere to be seen and it was getting dark. I decided to park the van and walk to the entrance to meet him. Of course, he didn’t show up there either. Ohh, and there was no cell reception anywhere near the lake or leading up to it on our drive.

At this point, I was frustrated and concerned, so I walked over to the site of the camp hosts and knocked on their door. They were quite nice and explained that there was another campsite on the other side of the lake. We were provided directions that required an additional stop at a gas station for additional help!


Map by Google

Once we got to the campsite, it was already dark. It isn’t fun to set up in the dark, but I managed decently. After I got set up, I realized that i wasn’t the only one in the family that had issues finding the campsite.

We ended making a few stops to the convenience store and this happened.

IMG_20140920_105818 IMG_20140920_105840 IMG_20140920_110012 IMG_20140920_110306 IMG_20140920_155346

Of course, I have a thing for water, so I ended up renting a boat for all the “kids” to hang out on!


IMG_20140920_133020 IMG_20140920_140821 IMG_20140920_130351 IMG_20140920_121313 IMG_20140920_121219 IMG_20140920_121042

It was a great weekend to camp with family and I can’t wait to do it again!

Hogan Haake

Return from Springfield

Class seemed to end in a blur Wednesday night. As soon as we were let out, I rushed across campus to drop off my books and pick up my motorcycle. I messed up my schedule, as I was supposed to meet Jana, Matt, Isaac, and Stephanie for dinner at 6:00 pm. I ended up getting twenty minutes late, but it worked out well.

After a wonderful evening, goodbyes were said and I headed back to my room for a final night of sleep. This of course didn’t happen as Matt called to say that we should go out. So I stayed out too late again.

Class on Thursday went by quickly and I again scooted out because I needed to get home. Back in the dorm room with a packed lunch, I surveyed my stuff and realized that I still had a bit of packing to do. So I ate quickly and carefully packed up all of my books. I took my motorcycle on this trip, so it was important to pack tightly and conserve space.

On the way home, i was having a bit of trouble staying awake. This is of course my fault as I have stayed up very late most nights this last week. Being on a motorcycle, it isn’t smart to ride tired. So I made a pit stop at the world’s largest rocking chair to get a drink and walk around to wake up.

After my stop, I realized that I was almost out of fuel. The stop didn’t have a gas station, so I had to stop again a few more miles down the road. It was just the trick and I was awake enough to finish my ride safely.

Once home, I quickly traded to motorcycle for my van and placed my canoe on top of it. It also happened to be the second Thursday of the month. That means that I was going canoe racing . It can be a family affair. Joey brought his brother Brian and his mom Barb for this outing.

After a long race where I didn’t stand a chance, I called it a night. After being away from family and work for a couple days, going back to work on Friday was a delight.